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Child Support Guidelines – Support or Extortion?

Most judges are breaking the law as they please on child support by denying due process, imputing income only to men, forcing you into jobs they don’t want or can’t afford and many other violations of constitutional rights. This is intimidation to force you to effectively become a slave to the state and your ex-wife. All this is hidden under the claim this is in the “best interest of the children”. Who could argue with what’s best for the children is maximum access to both parents? Most fathers want to support their children in ways other than financially by having them in their home. Child support is effectively a blackmail or extortion system whereby the state takes you children unconstitutionally, and then uses that excuse to charge you extortion fees weekly for the privilege of NOT having your children! You will find here many pages of true stories and reference material.

This page has a listing on the issue of child support. Although much is Massachusetts specific, this is the worst state in the nation according to many and the bulk of the information outside of actual child support calculation figures is likely to apply.

Child Support Enforcement is WELFARE. It is paid for exclusively out of the Title IV-D of Title 42 USC 655 & 42 USC 658.

Census 2004

Child-Support Payments now 4.6 million – Number of fathers who provide child support. All in all, 84 percent of child-support providers are men, who provide median payments of $3,600 annually.

Income and Wealth Statistics


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