A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

updated 5/2010

Fox News Article 3/24/05 Can you believe that this issue continues to be ignored after all this time?

This blog has focused to some degree about the abusive treatment of our brave U.S. soldiers by the Bradley Amendment and Federal Government, even while the Federal Government controls their lives and service to the nation abroad. Soldiers deserve an extra measure of consideration for their service to the nation, whether they are considered as a “perfect member” of society or not. Anyone that thinks otherwise needs to be enrolled in the Armed Forces themselves. Sociopathic behavior on the part of government and family of soldiers toward active soldiers should be inexcusable. There is no excuse for trouble with child support, custody, etc.  when a soldier is serving in the Armed Forces under orders. Soldiers are sitting ducks and easy enough to collect from, even if they are on the other side of the world. The government controls all money and pay, after all, they are in charge. Beyond serving and supporting their efforts, we need to let American soldiers do their job without harassing them, either locally or long-distance!

For those of you that care about military dads, here is a letter of testimony against the harshness of the Bradley Amendment. Whether it is entirely accurate or not is not entirely relevant. The man wrote this letter to his representative as a matter of public record. It may have been removed over the course of time from public view because the Senator is no longer is that position. A soldier wrote a letter; a man pleading for his rights when he believes that he has been abused by the system. This tragedy is nothing new. The fact that a soldier has to be tormented while serving this country and then as he (or she) is getting back on track in a civilian life upon arrival is a sad testimony to the ingrates and sociopaths that we have in this nation.

A soldier’s plead for reform

Senator Pete V. Domenici (R-NM)
6th-term Republican from New Mexico

February 11, 2008

I have faith in the system which I defend. My name is SGT Jason E Bobowski. I have been active military for 8+ years. My problem is the unfair treatment soldiers receive in regard to the child support system in NM. I received my final divorce decree by default through the mail while I was stationed in Soto Cano, Honduras. I had 0 time to prepare for it nor fight the issue my nation called me to go abroad and I went. I know our marriage was a failure lasting a short 3 years which we only spent 9 months together total. We divorced she used a corrupt system to her advantage. She used the courts in Alamogordo where her father works as a social worker in the legal realm. I had no chance of a fair and impartial proceeding. Lies and deceits were used against me in this matter. I have remarried since and been happily together for 5 years. I was young and foolish and now I face hardships in my life because I was unable to represent myself in this matter. Now the child support service has collected my income tax return. I have kept in contact with my Ex and informed her I was receiving letters that the state claimed I owed her a substantial amount of money. The interest was obscenely high and she stated she had contacted the child support services and straightened out this matter. I cannot rely on the truth of that statement. I am deploying again to Iraq in June, so my time in this matter is short. I was born in NM and pay my taxes in NM. I have had opportunities to change my state of residence but I am loyal to our state. The father’s rights in divorce cases is marginal at best, the consensus amongst my fellow soldiers is we get the short end of the stick. In an ever changing world when will the system evolve to be fare and impartial? SGT Bobowski, US Army

La Luz , NM

Constitutional Violations and the Patriotic Man The Constitution and successive Amendments are simply ignored in the name of new legal precedence, feined tolerance and judgment, while little unchecked constitutional violations grow to become a national blight that is considerably more rampant.

Endless Government Expenses & Family Rights Family Rights have been dumbed down to new individual “rights” in an effort to justify individual destructive behaviors so that these behaviors can be mainstreamed.

If Parents Did Their Job… Parent, are you doing your job or are you pointing fingers?

Comments on: "Bradley Law Unfairly Punishes Soldiers" (1)

  1. Christine said:

    You would do your site justice to review or research the claims in this letter. You only harm your own cause by not verifying the validity of these statements. I am the ex-wife from this letter. Each of the claims by Mr. Bobowski in this letter was rendered invalid by the State of New Mexico’s investigations to the claims he made. First, I left my ex-husband because he physically abused both me and our 13 month old daughter; documented by the U.S. Army at Fort Polk, LA. My father is a 22 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a drug and alcohol abuse counselor – he has nothing to do with the court systems. My ex-husband was served the divorce papers in October 2001 while still stationed at Fort Polk, he did not leave for Honduras until the following May AFTER the divorce was finalized. He had seven months to reply to all the allegations. During that time and the years that followed until the State of NM had his wages garnished, he would repeatedly stop payment on the monthly child support. During that time, I contacted the State of NM to report all child support that was paid including what his mother paid. That is the “straightening out” he refers to; the rest was his responsibility. I also continued to pay a $460 car payment in his name until he finally signed the papers to transfer the loan to my name to get it refinanced (nearly a year). He was also required to have dental insurance for our daughter and that is why the State of NM took the back child support. Some of the back child support went to the State of NM for what they paid for my daughter to have her regular cleanings for the seven years he didn’t cover her for dental. I have not, and will not, have the child support amount recalculated as I would rather have nothing to do with this man. It would be double what it is currently because his income has increased in the last ten years. At the time of this letter he was in need of the money because his (now ex-) wife had totaled his car due to DWI in the state of Texas which has high fines for DWI. I would suggest you remove this letter from your website as it only hurts your cause to have untruths posted on it. Otherwise, this sort of libel may have to be brought to the attention of a lawyer.
    Former wife of an abusive soldier, daughter of a Special Forces veteran, grand daughter of a WWII veteran, Domestic Violence Survivor, mother of a Domestic Violence Survivor, Rape by Husband Survivor

    “I am always open to both sides of any story, but that is exactly what it is, especially in a divorce and continued strife. The content and subject of the article, even for the blog stands for itself. A few perceived inaccuracies in a story doesn’t change the truth in America, nor the violation of human rights and civil freedoms for CITIZENS, including men, guaranteed by the Constitution. There is no libel, especially since you are not personally named. Last I knew, we live in a nation that still has freedom of speech, just like you have. This is a blog, not a news reporting agency. Your thinly veiled threat probably shows more about who is actually right in this case. ~ E.M.”

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