A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

Glenn Sacks has an interesting factual commentary. A recent Missouri child support auditor’s finding that 27% of the state’s 240,000 child support cases have incorrect balances. Some of the errors have gone unfixed for nearly a decade, and have led to enforcement action against innocent men. Clearly, the federal enforcement of the Bradley Amendment depends on state records for accuracy.

Listen right here courtesy of Glenn Sacks.

Comments on: "Child Support Audit Find Fathers Wrongly Punished" (2)

  1. CARLOS said:

    I am a custodial dad who has had my son since he was 5 months old i was out the country when he was 2,3 and 4 month old I always supported my son then and since 5 month my son has legal residency with me he is ! and a half yrs old. do you believe the mother got on welfare while she had 2 jobs and used my sons name so i had to pay DSS $2,889 and to her $1742 mind you I have the child Im unemployed jobless and in a shelter cause where i was living the landlord was not using my rent to pay his morgage. On the child support issue the courts sided with me so I didnt have the pay and terminated the order, but the Child Support Enforcement Agancy in NYC sees it differently they say that the judge is wrong and told me to get an Audit but i still have to pay!!! Mind you my child is the one whos standards lowered with mine cause of all these errors Im suffering here what a dogged out system

  2. Awesome commentary links. This goes to show that trust in government is largely misplaced. Accurate information seems to be pretty tough and computer technology hasn’t helped at all. Inaccuracy is inaccuracy, foisted upon troubled dads and carried out in law that is often inaccurate and dead wrong. Who needs hypocritical and irresponsible bureaucrats? Get rid of the Bradley Amendment. Government must be accountable, not just oppressed dads using unconstitutional law.

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