A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

Repeal Bradley is pleased to announce legal research is available from 1984 through 1990 for those interested in details of Bradley and other related legislation. We will continue to add more research and fine tune a few details over the next few months.

This research involves related topics, legislative information, legislative text and floor action in the Senate. Individual voting data is available only after 1991. However, most legislation of this kind is not put to a roll call vote, so the information provided is quite accurate. Dr. Manning is working on this issue to find and republish alternative data for earlier years, notably the 1986 amendment which had a role call vote. Sponsors and cosponsors for all bills are noted with legislation for all years. Now you can begin to discover the truth about who voted for unconstitutional legislation!

Details are available by tapping on this link to “legal origins.

Comments on: "New Legal Research Available on Bradley Amendment" (3)

  1. we’re not focused on the rights of the child.

    Children have the same rights as everyone else. Unfortunately, a child often become the victim of the PARENTS, both male and female. Rights of a child are not superior to the rights of others, nor above the responsibility of the parents. The system in place does nothing to repair this fact. Legislation does not fix everything. Elevating a child to super-citizen status does nothing but create more chaos. ~ E.M.

  2. drinkingwithhillary said:

    Nice idea. I like to see who is voting for bad law.

  3. slimpickens47 said:

    this is the beginning of a great thing. Keep up the good work.

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