A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

You will be interested to know that none of the candidates have shown an interest in discussing the destructive and abusive Bradley Amendment or have responded to repeated inquiries for so much as a comment on the matter. Lawmakers want to ignore the unconstitutional abuse that has blighted our nation.

Two months ago, the Lakeland Florida Ledger happily accepted and posted two of our sponsored videos online. Sunday morning, we received an unceremonious notice that they were removing the informational videos from their Brightcove Video website account. The status of the videos were noted as “not approved”.

The Repeal Bradley message is not a popular one. Politicians do not want to talk too loudly about the invasion of civil and human rights, nor care to deal with the controversy of unconstitutional family law.

We need caring people to help us turn up the pressure. Unconstitutional child support enforcement needs to be addressed as an election topic. If you have an opportunity to address any of the candidates, please do so. Please write your lawmaker and tell us that you have.

Your stand for the U.S. Constitution is a noble and just cause.

E. Manning


Comments on: "Repeal Bradley Amendment Under Silent Opposition" (7)

  1. While this problem is mostly on the shoulders of the fathers, there are a few unscrupulous fathers out there who have turned it on the mothers, and with a judge that wants to supposedly be “gender-blind” it is just as bad.

    Either way, it needs to be stopped. I’m all for supporting my children. I would have done it alone if I had to, which I did when I had them, because he wasn’t paying me. I didn’t go to the courts. I didn’t complain, yet when I fall on hard times, he’s running into court as fast as his feet can carry him.

    Similar to people who were a part of the civil rights movement, we need to organize and stand up for our rights, and that includes men and women who have fallen victim to this system, and the Bradley Amendment with all of it’s unintended and far-reaching consequences. If enough people do this, they will have to stand up and listen.

  2. Something needs to be done about women who use the system to finacially benefit themselves and don’t benefit the children at all. My ex=wife is getting lifetime child support for one of my daughters and is not even giving her the money, This has been going on for over eight years. I have a chronic illness and I can’t always work but I am enslaved to this women who could care less about me and is just concerned about her shopping money. She left me eighteen years ago for a man that made a lot more money than I do. Were do you turn when your rights are violated and you don’t havde the money to fight for them?

  3. Lawrence E. Cisek said:

    I’m all for catching up on what I was unable to pay before, but the credit reporting, the being treated like a criminal, the not having any rights under these laws. is what makes this so unbearable. Another example of how the government sticking its nose into private lives has run amuck. These are not “Dead Beat Father Laws.” They are Beat Fathers Dead Laws!

  4. Cornel said:

    Non-custodial fathers a.k.a. Child Support Slaves need immediate relief from the psychological and economic slavery caused by unconstitutional laws such as the Bradley amendment and anti-father feminist family courts .

    Like the African slaves in US history who could get no justice in any court, and who had no rights to the fruits of their labor, Child Support Slaves need an Emancipation Proclamation that frees them from this tyranny.

    Our Legislative Dictatorship has more controlling power over its citizenry than Germany’s Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s Dictatorship easily created an oppressed subclass (the Jews), our Legislative Dictatorship easily created an oppressed subclass here in the US through the unconstitutional Bradley Amendment. The oppressed subclass created through the Bradley Amendment is the class of fathers that are essentially Child Support Slaves. Child Support Slaves are shackled by electronic computerized CHAINS that control the fruits of their labor (paycheck withholding, tax refund confiscation, computerized asset search and subsequent confiscation), and like the African slaves in US history, Child Support Slaves can have their children taken away from them on a mere whim of the Slave Owner (the Slave Owners for Child Support Slaves are the feminist family courts and the Legislative Dictatorship (aka the so-called lawmakers). Child Support Slaves have Slave Owners who can take their children from them at will, confiscate the fruits of their labor at will, and treat them like children in the court, in the media and throughout society. Yes, Child Support Slaves need an Emancipation Proclamation.

  5. There was a time when Bills of Attainder passed by the Legislative branch, Indentured Servitude enforced by the Executive branch, and Debtor’s Prison ordered by the Judicial branch were all a violation of our Constitutional rights in America.

    USC 42 666 is a Section of U.S. code that reads like eternal damnation if it applies to the reader. This section of code only applies to parents in this country (heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children). Bill Clinton’s administration allowed this law to be unleashed on American parents.

    The Globalists (Council on Foreign Relations) are attempting to skyrocket the Federal debt by destroying this country’s Middle Class. The Rockefeller Foundation funded Womens Lib to tax women and to break up families. The CIA funded MS MAGAZINE with the help of Gloria Steinem to tax women and to break up families. The Federal Reserve has used every opportunity to absorb the world’s debt and put it all on the US taxpayer’s tab (or more precisely, on our children’s tab).

    We need to find our government right away, because this is a circus, and this circus is making our children weep.

  6. BeatDead Dad said:

    This country has lost its way and has no regard for the constitution.
    Exhibit 1. The Patriot Act
    Exhibit 2. The Bradley Admendment,
    Exhibit 3. An illegal war in Iraq, started by lies.
    Exhibit 4. An economy that is tanking.
    Exhibit 5. Corporate control of the media and the masses.
    Exhibit 6. Abu Graib–systematic torture and humilitation of Prisoners of War.
    Exhibit 7. 911 Commission–lies, lies and more lies.


    One of the millions of pissed-off Americans!!

  7. We must change this system; else change the people who have the power and refuse to change this system.

    Supporting Fathers and Families at –

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