A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

According to a recent California Department of Child Support Services report, one of the leading factors creating “deadbeat dads” in California is that fathers who owe child support are rarely able to get downward modifications on their child support when they suffer drops in income.

According to an Urban Institute study, less than one in 20 non-custodial parents who suffers a substantial drop in income is able to get courts to reduce the support obligation. In the words of one California judge: “I don’t care if you live under a highway underpass in the meantime, just pay your support as ordered.”

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge just lowered actress Anne Heche’s child support obligation by 75% because Heche says she has fallen on financial hard times. In addition, she was recently relieved of paying child support for July.

The judge may well have acted correctly in this case, but the question must be asked, “If Heche can get a huge reduction so easily, why is it so hard for fathers in similar circumstances to get reductions?” Does the judge cutting some slack have something to do with Heche being a high profile person?

Comments on: "Dads and Judicial Prejudice" (3)

  1. I am in the non-custodial parent position and behind on child support. I had a job ten years ago that paid well, but the mine closed down and I am now making about half of that ( mostly due to trying to find a way to see my son, as she keeps getting in the way of the visitation, including a 3 year lapse). The judge refused to lower the amount I pay then and the other 3 times I have asked him to. So, that has caused me to go further in arrears. Everyone knows that you have to have “clean hands” when going in to court, so I have to keep up on my child support, pay the arrears, and pay a lawyer a high amount of money ( realistically about $9000-$13,000), and I have to do that before I can see my son again, due to her interference. It often makes me wonder how that is legal and why they call that guy on the bench “your honor” when clearly he does act fairly or honorably.

  2. Richard D. Rogerson said:

    I agree, I was a custodial parent for 2.5yrs. after my children’s adultress mother abandonded the children (4 boys)to my care while I was under court order to pay child support. My lawyer, John Million, White Co., IN. refused to inform the court and warned me against doing so (under threat) stripped me of my financial ability to properly care for the children, “claiming the judge (Judge Thaker) wanted it that way”. My ex-wife paid only about 14mos. of child support. The last payment was about two weeks before I was charged with child abuse. During my trial the assistant prosecuitor claimed he personally had it stopped because, ” she was only employed as a clerk at a video store (the video store went out of business 4wks after the divorce), earning only minimum wage and was trying to buy a house and was unable to pay the exorbant amount ($75.00 wk). It was the first I heard this BS. I guess the law only requires the receiver to be notified it it is a woman. I could go on and on. Please contact me for more.
    Sincerely, Mr. Richard D. Rogerson, 311 E. 12TH. ST., Brookston, IN. 47923-8412 e-miail; searogerson@juno.com

  3. Sean Hodge said:

    My ex-wife has owed child support for 11 yrs now yet Child Protective Services of Idaho, California and Oregon have done nothing to enforce it. She still gets and keeps driver’s licenses. I haven’t received a dime since 2001 and that was $50. For 4 boys??? I’ve contacted and pushed them to act yet I receive nothing but notices of when my children reach emancipation age. I think there’s a real and obvious gender prejudice in this system. I doubt I would have had it so easy if the tables were turned. This service doesn’t “care” about the “children”. They protect women and screw men.

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