A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

Men in Texas who are told by the state to pay thousands of dollars in child support, but they are not the father of the children. The state knows it, but is making them pay support any way.

Rey Valdez was in the middle of a divorce years ago when his first wife told him she was pregnant. He wound up paying $300 a month in child support for his young son, but when the boy was a teenager, Valdez got an anonymous call. “I got a phone call, and I was told that, ‘You need to look at who really is father of [the child] because you are not,’ and that angered me. I mean, how dare they?”

Confused and concerned after the call, he bought a DNA test. The results showed Valdez was not the boy’s father. “It wasn’t right,” said Valdez, “I just couldn’t believe something like this could happen.” He went back to court and the judge ordered the Attorney General’s Child Support office to do a DNA test. That office got the same result, that Valdez is not the biological father.

Despite those results, the judge ordered Valdez to keep paying child support. So far, he estimates he’s shelled out about $18,000 to his ex-wife for the boy. Valdez said, “It’s money that could go to my children, my wife, myself, but I’m still paying it, cause the law tells me to.”

The law in Texas says a father only has four years to challenge paternity. If they find out after four years that they are not the father, like Rey Valdez, the law says they are still the parent and still required to pay child support.

State Representative Harold Dutton has tried to pass paternity fraud legislation that would allow a father the right to challenge paternity with a DNA test at any time. Until this is changed the state of Texas is participating in fraud. In this case, the state of Texas supports a total lack of morality on the part Valdez’s ex-wife.

“We have to fix it so the person paying child support is actually the father, and whatever we have to do to fix that, that’s what I think we have to do,” said Dutton. His bill hasn’t passed because he says the Attorney Generals office, which collects child support, opposes it.

The AG’s office denies Dutton’s statement. We wanted to ask Attorney General Greg Abbott about paternity fraud, but we only got this statement:

“The Office of the Attorney General is obligated to follow the law. We must honor court orders that establish paternity and require the payment of child support. Our staff always encourages men to obtain paternity testing when it is a legal option.” Men in Texas know better. This writer knows many men in Texas stuck in this very position because of immoral wives. Essentially, the state supports immorality and fraud in the name of children’s rights.

Representative Dutton said he’ll file his bill again next year, but he said he needs your help. You can contact your state representative and senator and tell them to support the change. Spread the Word. Eliminate unconstitutional laws. While you are at it, write your lawmaker about the Bradley Amendment and get it repealed in the name of America.


Comments on: "Child Support Injustice in Texas" (11)

  1. Jonathan said:

    Hey thought you guys might enjoy this. http://news.yahoo.com/warrant-issued-agent-leigh-steinberg-over-debt-184202467–spt.html

    He says “Since when in this country do you put people in jail for having debt?” he said in a phone interview Thursday. “The point is, I had some financial struggles, which I regret. And I am working hard right now to pay the debts I owe.”

    Child support is no different.

  2. mc smith said:

    It is not only the fathers that pay. I am a disabled navy veteran and was told today that they were raising my child support from 355 to 477 because I got behind. I have not had contact with my kids in over 6 yrs he even at one point moved them out of state. I try to make it on 985 a month and now they are going to take 477 a moth what am I supposed to live on? according to the AGO it does not matter about me just the kids when are the non custodial parents going to get help I am disabled and it does not matter that I pay for insurance that I cant even use. somebody help

  3. jlopez said:

    It’s all about the federal funds theb states get when they collect the child support … right wrong is not the issue to the AG… Its money and the ability to extort money…. “Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. ”
    — Abraham Lincoln

  4. Vee Jay said:

    I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with OAG. My son is military and at oversea quite often. He has taken care of his children from day one, without fail. I have had to stand on his behalf in his absence due to deployment overseas because of lies told to the attorney general office. OAG has him in the arrear of over $4,400 and my son had not missed a day since the birth of his child who is now 12 years old, even with all the proof that showed otherwise. Only when I contacted my state rep did they take that off his records, unfortunately not before ruining his credit and other hardships it has caused him. And now after going through all of that, it is a possibility that this child may not be my sons. So with my son in mind and other young men like I write, the law needs to be changed! It is unlawful and criminal to obligate a man to pay child support for a child that is UNKNOWINGLY not his. The law in any state is to uphold the truth. Now to continue upholding a lie of paternity when the DNA proves just the opposite is down right criminal. This law is the same as me committing a crime and I lie and state I didn’t do it but my DNA is everywhere that I did do the crime and the system let’s me go! Again, it’s down right criminal and the law needs to be changed. One of two things needs to change. Texas needs to make it mandatory from birth a DNA test be done. This would eliminate those sorry women from getting away with this evil action. Secondly, for everyone opposing this law to come together to get the law changed. This way if a man decides he wants to continue supporting that child, it will be his choice and his choice alone and not one made by the OAG and state for money profit only.

    • stacy brown said:

      OAG makes plenty of mistakes on their own. Please don’t assume that your son’s spouse had anything to do with it. OAG doesn’t share any information about the other spouse so you don’t really know what happened. As your son’s rep, you have to make sure that payments are going through every month. Any wrongful postings affect people’s credits. It seems like the OAG wants the money to flow in. If a child has only known one father, wouldn’t removing a father biological or not be detrimental to the child. Biological or not as long as a father is a good person or a good father they should be a part of that child’s life.

  5. Stephen Peterson said:

    There is another Senator that has a bill as well that will be sent in 2011 with regards to the 4 year statue. His name is Senator Royce West.

    I have been fighting this same battle with my ex-wife. In 2008 I found out the youngest of two boys was not mine. She allowed me to sign rights off to the youngest. However the oldest one maybe my brother’s child. So I am in the process of finding out about him now. I currently pay her $1200 a month and she has told me even if it comes back to be my brother’s that she will not allow me to sign rights off to him.

    So basically I am screwed according to the law all because I beleived my wife.

    So you have my support on this law being changed because there are ALOT of women out there who do this just for the money because the real dad is a dead beat or has not money to give.

    “Too bad there isn’t a law against fraud (not one that sticks) or being a ‘ho’! Just sayin’ ” ~ E.M.

  6. Sheila said:

    As an adopted child, I am appalled that the only support you are willing to give is to a biological child. This boy, biologically related or not, IS your son as you are the only father he has ever known. While I agree paternity fraud is rampant and morally wrong, so is abandoning a child who has known nothing but you.

    • PMMF Custodian said:


      Well, since you so illogically and ridiculously feel that way, why don’t pay the support for my kids? I know they’re not yours, but I could use the help.

      Glad I never adopted you.

      PMMF Custodian

  7. Morey Lampkin said:

    I definitely concur that to be wrongfully obligated to pay child support when a man is not the biological father is totally immoral on its face. It is a reflection of how biased/flawed the Texas Attorney General’s Office is and takes preferential treatment to woman that deliberately use children for their financial gain.

    • stacy brown said:

      Men use children for their financial gain too. Fathers’ who have fought for custody of their children when they didn’t even want their children to be worn or want to have anything to do with them are also using their children for financial gain. Women still get paid .75 to the $ of what men make. Divorce is financially devastating to women. Having to pay child support to vindictive, harrassive and abusive ex-husbands is wrong.

      • jlopez said:

        Yes, It goes both ways, but when a woman does it she gets away with it and noone screams as laud

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