A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

Generally, when children of divorce are losing a parent, they are losing their dad. Studies still show that social acceptability of divorce does not stop the ravages of family breakdown and damage to children, let alone the damage to society as a whole.

The fact that divorce happens at all when children are young has proved that the life damage results in unemployment, unskilled citizens, large welfare rolls as adults and depression.

The federal Bradley Amendment helps to cement this issue in place. Mothers can easily cut dads out of the lives of their children, receive welfare, public services and child support simultaneously while living a life of wanton abandon if they choose. Fathers are often forced to work multiple jobs without relief to support a system that is broken and fails to address anything beyond the superficial needs of children. These superficial needs are considered as “rights” while many women relish in the feeling of power and control.

Recently, a man in Texas was awarded 50 years of jail time for the failure to pay child support. The article says nothing about the case or cause, simply a headline for vindictive characters to rally around.

Mothers often parade around “children’s rights”. Men say something different.

“Family court corruption is real. There are good fathers and they are bad ones. I find it funny that there is no talk about bad mothers. The cost of living isn’t because of bad fathers. This is not about the kids; this is about money, tax money. I love my son and I always been there for him until the day the courts came into our lives. My son would never go without… The courts pushed me out of my sons’ life and made me a pay check. I hate the Judges and the people who back them up. They know they are hurting the kids. You make me pay money and allow me to see my son every other weekend. After 12 years of all I have done. The late night feedings, diaper changing, trips to the park. I have invested my life into him. The government took it all away.”

“Because of the horror of what DHS has done to me and my family I must do what others in similar situations have done throuhout the ages. We must either flee the tyranny or fight for our God-given rights. Because I have no right to have any money, because I have no right to operate a motor vehicle I can not flee. Because I have no right to competent legal counsel, because I have no right to plead in court for my rights or the rights of my children I must fight the only way I have left for I am in the corner.”

Comments on: "Losing Dad; Losing Children the "Legal Way"" (3)

  1. where are these scamers getting their information ? goto the link below and read.. !
    this just gets me MADDDDD!


  2. i just got my children stolen by my soon to be ex-wife and the florida courts did NOTHING to stop her from violating the florida state statue….go figure.

  3. hawk58 said:

    I feel your pain and as a father and Canadian Citizen I have lost my rights as a father because of changes to the child support laws and divorce act,and as a fathers we are being discriminated against under the human rights act, and it seems that the fight will never end for fathers every where to gain access and have equal opportunity to support themselves and their children.

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the rights of the children are overlooked and they are deprived of having equal access to both parents.

    This Bradley Amendment should be repealed because it discriminates against your rights as a father to live a normal life where you have equal opportunity to provide for yourself and your children and to provide a stable loving environment for them,when their in your care and control.

    I sincerely hope this amendment is stopped,because it would be a major set back for all fathers worldwide.

    Your not alone in your corner fighting this battle.

    Keep up the good fight

    Thanks Brian

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