A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

the federal Bradley Amendment for child support is unconstitutional:

1. violation of due process under the 4th and 5th Amendments
2. deprives citizens of equal protection under the law
3. violation of state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment
4. violation of natural human rights under the 9th Amendment
5. often violates the assumption of guilt over innocence.

Write your Congress and Senate to repeal Bradley!

Child Support Mess: The Bradley Amendment by repealbradley


Comments on: "The Bradley Amendment Child Support Mess" (9)

  1. thatguy said:

    After reading and checking into a few things it’s clear what everyone must do. the US government has been teaching everyone by example. If laws are in the way then just turn your head and forget about them. if your in a fix, then just do whatever you want. the US has become a lawless nation, yes i know we are suppose to have 640,000 laws but most are double standerd and pretty much none of them are constitutional. so if they send you letter or tell you go to court, just forget about it. if they do come to your home make sure you aim for the nose, they don’t use bullet-proof vest on there faces.

    “Yes, a lawless nation of laws with little regard for consequence or human rights.” – E.M

    • jlopez said:

      “Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. ”
      — Abraham Lincoln

  2. Harris Seimens said:

    The US no longer exists under the laws of the US Constitution. At the convience of politics, legislators will write laws that can not pass constitutional tests at the very basic level. If you put the results of the Bradley Amendement next to each Amendment to the Constituion
    you will see that this law violates the framework of US law. Under US law
    there is no excuse for it’s existance when it forces any US citizen into
    debt that can not be avoided. I am sure there are 10 millions that the Bradley Amendment has sentenced to slavery and fiscal terrorism. Even more so today with the lack of work in the US. Not only did politicians send work abroad. When people can’t support their children they jail them,
    push them into default, harrass and degrade them. Simply bizzare.

    you can read more about the legal variance from the U.S. Constitution on this article on Digital Economy
    Powers That Be & America http://digitaleconomy.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/powers-that-be-america/ ~ E.M.

  3. denny said:

    i think child support of nys should give some thought to confiscating any and all gifts from ncp,s . as a example birthday gifts, chirstmas, bar mitz, ect. and wait one year,walk down to your local pawn shop and cash in. absurd you say. don,t be surprized. if your passport is denied try the nexus card ” hint” im not sure yet but im trying let me know. i pay child support arrears and they take it from my social security check. im 65 and my poor wife is 77years old that leaves us with 291 dollars a month to live on. great huh!!

  4. George Bianco said:

    Anyone who has read the US Constitution and has compared the child support laws and enforcement of these laws can see that they are illegal.
    In particular, The Bradley Amendment and the Office of Child Support Services. Clearly politics and political agendas have over ridden civil rights. The Federal Government has violated their own laws and have seized the judicial branch of the government in order to meet their agendas, be it political or otherwise. It should be obvious that the Supreme Court is a political entity with no intention of supporting and enforcing the Supreme Law of the Land, they are holding the system hostage, along with millions of Americans. How can the US fight for and encourage, “democracy” and “rule of law” in nations around the world when they can not do it themselves? The Bradley Amendment has enslaved and placed millions of Americans, who do not have the means
    to meet imposed income specifications, in servitude to the government
    and child support enforcement. In short, our judicial branch has become financial terrorists.

  5. As for as I am concern it is going to take another civil war to change these corrupted child support laws!

  6. Mesullam said:

    Many men’s lives have been ruined by this.
    I think that the amounts should be adjusted to realistic amounts and should not be in the courts.

    The government has invaded marriage, divorce, child rearing you name it.
    They need to be put back in their place.

  7. I am suffering from the similar problem. Larissa Vassilieva a russian whore got pregnant and disappeared into hiding 60 days after she became pregnant. she is using the baby as an anchor to stay over in America. The babies born to illegal aliens are called anchor babies. there are 300,000 cases like this in USA every year.
    The abuse and excessive force that DCSS uses is very much discremenatory, and unconstitutional.
    Slavery was also legal for centuries and was enforced very legally.
    The Child support system is not any different.
    Amn illegal alien has more right in the effing country than a citizen.
    Although the mother of the child is in violation of Federal Immegartion and Natioanlity Act section 8 usc 1324 a 1 A iv b iii
    and harboring an illegal alien is also considere Felony Section 274.
    But it does not seem that law applies in this case.
    The price poor male has to pay for a using a little a crack in the wall.
    The law is effing blind and department of child sipport services is anything but supporting the child.
    By hurting father they are directly hurting the child.
    Although, i have a child from my current marriage, they totally ignor the right of my 2nd child.

    Shame on you legislatures, law enforcements and all of you who participate in a illegal process.
    Jussus crised was also crusified because he cstood and spoke against
    bullies and demanded justice and truth for his people.
    Thid is not any different.
    White man loves to rule through his foreceful and arrogant methodologies.
    The history provides you enough evidence.
    We must Unite to change the laws to bring justice to the table.
    THE LOOPHOLE in the syatem gives the female all the right and prsumes she is an innocent bystandard as she was forced to participate in consntual sex.
    Truly, when u think about it, it taks a man only take his pants down to enagae in the act of sex, it will take a woman lot more effort than that.

    I will not be silenced until bring change to the prejuidice and unlawful system.

  8. jackson said:

    The Bradley amendment has ruined my life. I am only a father because my ex intentionally got pregnant the very first time we had sex. I found out later that she planned it in advance. She raised the child with her last name while dragging me through court over and over. The child has graduated from high school and I still have to pay her mother $9,000 over the next 3 years. I have other legitimate debts to pay and it pains me to send her this money. I am astonished and profoundly disappointed that such legislation could even be considered, much less signed into law.

    I don’t like to blame Democrats, but they’re almost wholly responsible. Without them, we would not have this profound perversion of justice. ~E.M.

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