A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

Because of the 2008 Economic Stimulus, child support collections are way up. The Bradley Amendment has made it possible for the states and the federal government to collect on late payments. For a large number of non-custodial parents behind on their support, stimulus checks were intercepted and forwarded to custodial parents.

The recent economic stimulus checks have paid off for mothers and children across the nation who have not had consistent support. Most states can divert monies if a parent is more than $500 behind on Bradley debt as well diverting federal tax refunds and lottery winnings.

“Too many of our delinquent parents do not file tax returns or they go into hiding; but for the ones that do file, this is one method we can use to help children and families,” a Virginia representative was quoted as saying in the July 17 news release.

The economic stimulus has made attorneys general across the nation look very good indeed with a captive workforce in place. None of this really mattered to the terminally unemployed and severely underemployed American parents that have been plowed under by state and federal law sponsored by the Bradley Amendment. This is the lower income segment of an American subclass heavily impacted without choice or recourse in America, an element whose civil rights have been stripped away in the name of civil rights for moms and kids. They didn’t qualify for a stimulus payment even if they were fortunate enough to have a home address.


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