A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

by E. Manning, senior writer, family rights advocate and retired economist

Because of many mandatory state arrest laws, police officers are strongly encouraged to make arrests on domestic violence 911 calls, even though many of these “emergency” calls do not involve geniune violence of any kind. Further, because of the “primary aggressor doctrine,” police officers are strongly encouraged to arrest men rather than women.

The plight of the family also involves “no drop” prosecution policies, where prosecutors move forward with cases that contain so little evidence that the case would never be prosecuted if it were any other “crime.” In the words of Glenn Sacks, domestic violence has become a political crime and that “crime” is handled in a political manner by authorities in charge.

nuclear family anihilation

nuclear family annihilation

Glenn Sacks also makes the case that men often plea-bargain so-called “family violence” cases by accepting battering treatment programs because they need to get out of jail and because they cannot afford to fight the case legally. The inability to hire or afford an attorney to secure ordinary citizens rights is just one travesty of Bradley Federal Law and punitive actions against men in the name of law.

The law has made it easy for a man to lose all of his rights where his children are concerned with an angry wife holding all the cards. The motivations of the angry wife are rarely, if ever, questioned. The result is that millions of men every year unjustly lose rights to their own children.

The fact is that Democrats have personally penned many of these Federal policies with the idea of personal and political empowerment. However, all politicians have proved to be entirely weak-kneed when it comes to standing up for the correct idea of family rights. While Barack Obama has announced his views which stand alongside the Democratic platform, John McCain, like his predecessor George Bush, has avoided breaching the topic for any reason. Even Pastor Rick Warren missed the opportunity to bring up the importance of the family as an issue. As a result, the issue of real family rights has become the largest election non-issue in recent history.

Politics has proved interest in its own empowerment rather than a real interest in preserving the importance of the family, often referred to in archaic terms as the “nuclear family.” The archaic title seems fitting as politicians seem hellbent on “nuclear annihilation” of the single institution that still binds this country as a cohesive unit. ~ E. Manning

Comments on: "Avoiding the Truth: Domestic Violence Abuse" (2)

  1. markus said:

    this is not such a polarized issue. laying blame on either sex is not the solution.

  2. Jay Scarbrough said:

    As a victim of this issue, believe me when I say there is no hope for a battered man. The mother of my children slapped, kicked, bit, threatened, cussed, and screamed at me for years. When finally I left, she called the police and just because she wanted my keys and car, stated I slapped her and I was arrested on her word. She got everything she wanted using the system described here which is slanted against the male in any relationship. She went on to drug abuse and actually attacking my fiance in my parents yard to which, I again was arrested in that incidence and I wasn’t even involved in the argument. But due to the fact that the previous lie was recorded, they naturally, again, took her word even though my fiance and family denied her story. The end result is going to be very bad if this local government intrusion into the family’s life is not fixed. It is teaching women how to lie in order to get revenge for men not agreeing with them 24/7.

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