A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

illegal-court-enforcementThe evolving economic reality in the U.S. combined the increasing role of government has created a disaster for unemployed non-custodial parents.

Unemployment, Child Support & Bradley Law on Associated Content.

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  1. Peter Calma said:

    american men…particularly big city men are useless! My name is Peter Calma, for the good dads, I’m hoping that our children turn do not have the influence of the children of the uselless Dads who do nothing to protect their own children from this horrible family court. Those who do not care to vote, and the children of the dads who would rather ignore the homosexual and femisist agenda as well as the law lobby. Hey useless dad, go hide between your mothers ass crack

  2. Peter Calma said:

    People who refuse to give their true identity are not to be entertained.
    My goal is to awaken Men to their obligation to stand for their own families and to help their fellow Dad. You do not need to give money or info to anyone in order to help. You need to get your butt to your elected official and bring people with you. Write letters emails phone calls. That doesn’t take any more money than you already spend. You are your own person, Do something for your community. Use your head Men!

  3. Devoted Dad said:

    Be very careful about giving information to Peter Calma. Very, very, very careful.

    • Peter Calma said:

      Robert Gilbert, your argument doesnt make sense. Everything that I said here is completely American. You sound like someone who works for the system that is destroying our families.
      Hey dad, iI never requested ANYONES information. I gave mine because I have NOTHING to hide. You mr. dad are a fraud “dad.

    • Peter Calma said:

      DO something, anything, but do something. Or is it true that men just wanna have fun?

  4. Peter Calma said:

    Obviously there is a political agenda. The political lobbying (Bribery) that goes on is part of the problem. The National Organization of Women give lots of money to your elected representatives to deliberately hurt Men and our Children. It is by design! The absolute ONLY way to fix this crime against humanity is to vote out every Democrat and Republican. These two political parties are the sole cause of this crime.
    We the people pay these politicians to look after our best interest but they are not, they are looking only after their own interest. Public servants are not serving! Join fathers for Justice, All Dads United on meetup.com, Fairness for Fathers, America’s children, ACFC.org, Families and Fathers. Gather with other Dads from church, work, neighbors. Post signs inviting Men to a common location to beging removing your elected dirtbag. Conduct workshops educating each other about the political process. Become a not for profit to help each other. There is so much you can do. Do IT! If you do nothing then you will continue to get trashed and our children will still be Fatherless.
    I am Peter Calma from All Dads United. I live on Staten Island, N.Y.

  5. jose Lopez said:

    This explains men like timothy mcvaugh… Men need to fight against a tyranical Government. Here at home before we address the rights and freedoms of others in other countries… This political condecending and feminist driven country has used and abused America’s fathers and sons to an extreme. That the only way to correct the injustice committed on our fathers and sons is to bare arms against its domestic enemies. As they have already done against us these violators of our constitution and benefactors of these distructive laws that destroy the very fabric of this country . THE AMERICAN FAMILY UNIT.

    • Peter Calma said:

      We have a better safer method of removing these Criminals, The voting process. Yes, I agree that it is broken, that is the reason WE the PEOPLE must do something. If you feel that you have the energy and commitment to pick up arms at the risk of the safety of other fathers like the law enforcement agents who will be at the receiving end of those bullets, then instead, use that energy to organize Men to run for office, lobby your neighbors to use their vote righteously, WATCH THE VOTING PROCESS, elect other parties.
      I am Peter Calma founder of All Dads United. I began on meetup.com. Now I go in front of court houses with flyers and business cards. My group is growing EVERY WEEK! Call me 646 821 7468. See how I am not afraid to give out my info. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TELL YOUR STORY BRO! That is how I make contacts with other DADS. Remove our bullshit pride. It does nothing but hinder.

  6. Terry said:

    I live in KY and they are the worst about penalizing men in court.They have taken a part of my life away and have made it impossible to survive in these bad times. I have been unfairly punished time and time again , and it just gets worst every year.I have spent time in jail for felony non-support even though my only crime was being poor.They have tarnished my record so bad that I cant even get a decent paying job,furthermore they have ruined my relationship with my kids because I work so much I dont even have time to be a father,while my ex-wife just sits and enjoys every minute.WE NEED HELP! This is unfair and unconstitutional and I have no rights-REPEAL THE BRADLEY AMENDMENT -IT SUCKS !

    • Peter Calma said:

      Start your own Dads group. Tell your story to everyone who will listen. Those who do not listen, TALK LOUDER!
      Call me 646 821 7468
      I am Peter Calma, founder of All Dads United. My group began on meetup.com. Now I am networking with other Dads groups. Get involved in your local politics. VISIT your elected representatives by yourself – because they will see that you are not afraid to be an antagonist. Then bring more Dads to the same representative because they will see that you are an organizer, a mover and shaker. Log onto the national organization of women. See what they stand for and tell your politician that you are fed up with them calling bribery “lobbying”. Remove your politician and hire a public servant.
      Don’t be afraid to tell your story EVERY DAY to EVERY ONE. Give your contact info. Call me and email me alldadsunited@yahoo.com

      • Robert Gilbert said:

        Peter Calma sounds like anti American and should find a home somwhere else. Terry, there is a right way of handling things. I know its a hard and long road, but with educated input and proper guidance, you will find justice. Being angry and causing negative attention will only discredit you and lead you to lose before the battle has even begun. The reason things seem unbalanced is because of the long history of dead beat dads..those who think they know so much but in the end only display their ignorance. Be a thinker, not a loser.
        BTW, I have read the ALL DADS UNITED site, it has many typos and grammar errors. Doesnt sound credible

      • Peter Calma said:

        Robert Gilbert, your argument doesnt make sense. Everything that I said here is completely American. You sound like someone who works for the system that is destroying our families.

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