A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

The concept of child support was originally designed to be dynamic and flexible, going up and down as parental income changed. This is no longer the case. The Bradley Amendment has become an anathema to human rights propogated by the U.S. government, presented as responsible parenting and care for children. The reality is that the system promotes fear and the trampling down of human rights on multiple levels.

Child Support has become a national battleground for human rights that is being ignored in the United States. The United States cannot stand as a champion of human rights. In the case of the family and parents, non-custodial parents have become an oppressed and distressed object of  political disdain, designed for political support and convenience through the division of families, often augmented by controlling maternal sociopaths. 

Non-custodial parents have become social targets of envy and jealousy. The social, financial envy and oppression of parents has become big business to government and business alike.  Coupled with the criminalization of poverty in the United States, oppressed and distressed parents that become unemployed or have life-changing events fall into a government-ordained economic and social trap as the wealthy of the nation look away or promote as a device for their own personal satisfaction. There is a grass-roots movement to change the oppression of human rights in America. Someone does care and has been taking action, whether you approve of their methods or not.


Comments on: "Human Rights and Child Support in the U.S." (4)

  1. Vic Morrow said:

    The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution clearly supersedes the Bradley Amendment. NO INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE and NO SLAVERY. How the reverse could possibly exist is beyond me. It is the Judicial System out
    of control. The the Bradley Amendment is an esoteric definition of
    debt specifically invented to evade the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. Not to mention the 8th Amendment, cruel and inhuman punishment. Where an individual does not have the ability to over take
    a debt (arrears). It is a good possibility that the Judge applying this
    law to some cases is in violation of that person’s civil rights. A Judge
    has the option to apply or practice a law or not.

  2. swordoftruth said:

    My drug addict ex-wife lied to get child support while I was in prison, I got out and owed 55.000 when I had never made more than minimum wage. This was in 1989. This has since destroyed my life, I have been homeless and sick,never enough money to rent a place, protect myself, get help for injuries, have a life threatening illness that I cant get health coverage for, yet they still charge me, the ironic thing is my son, who I owe for, lives most of the time with my mother, who pays for his living, on a SSi income, while I try to get well so I can get a job, as my ex-wife collects the checks and spends them on her new familiy and kids, and didnt send us a dime in 13 years,and threatens to take him for good if I mention her fraud to Child support. What can I do?

    “I recommend that you never cower in fear and tell the truth even if you are threatened. If someone is guilty of fraud, it needs to be presented in detail by your attorney next time you are in court, regardless of how you feel. Keep notes and use them. This is the only way to reverse fraud and crap that men are being forced to live with in the name of children.” -E.M.

  3. Joe Moroni said:

    We’re making a list, we’re checking it twice,
    We’re gonna find out who’s naughty or nice …

    Santa Clause is coming …. to town ….

  4. Dorothy Gordon said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so happy that someone cares about this child support system. This morning I was feeling so depressed concerning my son, who has two sons out of wedlock here in Florida, my son’s hardship driver’s license has just been suspended again. He shot in the leg by some unknown person, recovered, but suffers daily with pain not able to do heavy duty work. He was thrown in jail with $1,000 purge, out now, but he’s having a very difficult time not finding something not quite as hard. One of his son’s mother wants him thrown in jail again, she has tried numerous time since then. He is very depressed about this whole situation. All l can do is pray for him.

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