A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

burning the constitutionDiscrimination [against non-custodial parents] is rationalized for the same reason that slaves, ethnic minorities and women were oppressed in an earlier era: free labor and arbitrary empowerment. Unlike dictatorial regimes, however, our government has perfected this oppression through legislative propaganda, which exploits the child into a multi-billion dollar industry, fleecing parents of finite resources and discouraging income productivity.

Quotes and sound bites to a vast audience unfamiliar with a complex case could not hope to overcome decades of stereotypes and draconian laws designed to perpetuate this child control industry. My best hope, therefore, existed in a news conference at my home where genuine child support could be observed first hand. A father’s mortgage, taxes, play areas and holiday enjoyment are a father’s child support, made impossible when a third of income goes to taxes, and another third to a support collection unit.

My point continues to be this: a self-sufficient father has the same right to enjoy a family unit as a self-sufficient mother. An American form of government encourages each to grow those units. Under the current socialist form, I nevertheless satisfied years of one-sided obligations until they were abused without any child payments in return. This showed not only that I was a responsible parent, but prepared to commit my career to enforce God given rights to raise my children.

Unlike the 1950s, a vast majority of today’s parents are raising their children in separate households. If we can bus 5-year-olds to school, we can certainly allow fathers in the same communities to enjoy equal time with their offspring. Such logic, however, would negate the need for lawyers and child support transfers as the engine behind federal grants and collection unit interest revenues to a dysfunctional state government.

In short, the privacy right which I have been compelled to secure through the courts is a meaningful father-child relationship free from joint power abuses by the state and a superior creature of law known as the “custodial parent.” It may be analogized to the woman’s privacy right established in Roe v Wade.

For those still clinging to the current antiquated system, however, child support is a welfare payment because it lacks accountability. Abuses such as drug or gambling addictions, lawyer-generated controversies, partner support, income destruction and father replacement agendas are highly disguised in our overburdened courts. Still unanswered by my government is how I am supposed to raise my children without a 23-year law license.

Leon Koziol is a Utica attorney. On Feb. 11, the state Supreme Court’s Appellate Division suspended his law license because he has not made child support payments for his two children.

Comments on: "Child Support Lacks Accountability" (2)

  1. Bill Hinckley said:


    Question: can a parent in Florida, who is disabled and on welfare, and has a court approved fee waiver, be force to pay child support in access of the amount they receive each month?

    What does a parent need to do (who lives out of state), to notice the Florida court that they are indeed on welfare (after repeatedly saying it and writing it in pleadings).

    The Magistrate has constructed a completely messed up report for recommendations for orders and takes no mind of the fact I’m unemployed, seriously disabled and on welfare. How can I notice the Judge before she makes an Order based upon the Magistrate’s infantile Report to the court?

    Is there any law that would protect me? It is no less than Indentured Servitude; without cause!

    I’m at my wits end on this, and my Ex has driven me into the poor house from years of litigation, finally stolen my children, and destroyed my career in aerospace, based on repeated bogus restraining order requests, one was granted by without hearing or cause.

    Thank you for your time reading this and any suggestions you might have. My prayers are with you and your family. May you find peace and recompense with the injustice that has befallen you and yours. My heart is with you.


    I have 4 days to get in a Objection to the judge.

    • There are federally assigned limits as to what can be taken from your pay on a monthly basis, no matter what any judge rules.

      All need to know that each state does have differences as to how child support is technically executed. It is more unified when it comes to the federal realm, especially through agencies like social security.

      You need to prayerfully consider your situation. Faith will get you much further than the edge of the law. Anyone that does not believe this is at the mercy of their beliefs.

      Realize that the power that a foreign state has over you is quite limited beyond obtaining a legal judgment. If the judgment is not sent to the feds, it will be handled through various state interpretations of law. This can be to your benefit. Note that you are not required to receive any document that is sent to you. You should not sign or consent to any document in the future unless you choose. This is your right. While the court considers your silence in any matter a matter of legal consent (your silence is generally construed as consent), your refusal to consent regarding the ongoing mountain of trash documents they send considerably ties the hands of the court in future matters in many cases. It logjams the system which you probably hate anyway. Only you can decide if you wish to cooperate. All information you give anyone else, including the ex, is subject to be used against you. You let the cat out of the bag at your own peril. You (and others in similar legal situations) are in a hostile situation, a real war.

      When you are in a situation where you are disabled and fighting for your health, stress is not going to help you. You must get off of this train of stress for your own good. Changing your thinking, which can be quite an effort, is required. You must put back fear. Fear is what courts want you to feel in order to gain your complete compliance. How much you comply is always up to you.

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