A fugitive people within a nation is tyranny.

American Poverty: An American Criminal Subclass

Bradley Amendment Creates an American Criminal Subclass
Poverty in America Continues to Rise

The federal Bradley Amendment seems innocent and helpful to Americans on the surface. The federal law is purported to collect child support that could normally never be collected. It was hatched from the national hysteria whipped up in the 1980s, derived from the legendary and abusive behavior of “deadbeat dads”.

Short History Lesson
burningrightsinternet2.jpgGovernment administrators decided that instituting the Amendment was not enough because enforcement measures were not in place at the inception of the Amendment. In 1993, as part of an ambitious and aggressive initiative by the Massachusetts State Administration to improve child support enforcement in advance of welfare reform, the first financial institution data match was made. It began as a pilot program and after the program implementation was mastered, was unleashed on the country as a whole by the Clinton Administration. The illegal enforcement of the Amendment proceeded with the passage of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. The program involves the extraction of financial institution data as a requirement for banking in all states as the determining method to execute the garnishment of money for enforcement on a national level. A data match identifies account holders with child support debts by social security number and allows the child support agency to issue a levy to the financial institution, with notice to the account holder. The financial institution freezes the funds in the account up to the amount of the child support debt and forwards the funds to the child support agency for distribution to the “family”.

The Government Invasion

clintons.jpgThis provision has been extended to the paycheck of every American in the system as well and through the Internal Revenue Service. Under the Bradley Amendment enacted by Congress in 1986, a child support obligation becomes a judgment by operation of law as of the date that that it is due and unpaid. In addition, under Section 368 of PRWORA (42 U.S.C. 666(a)(4)), an administrative lien also arises by operation of law against any unpaid child support on an ongoing basis. Because of this, it not necessary to return to court after each payment is missed to get past-due support reduced to a judgment in order to obtain a lien or enforce a judgment. The funds and assets of all non-custodial parents are spotted and can be quickly seized without passing through a hearing process of any kind. The information is assumed to be correct and is updated once yearly according to government sources based on information that is available through the system. What is broken is never fixed or changed.

The Resulting Civil Rights Carnage
Naturally, this puts the burden of proof upon the non-custodial parent as a guilty criminal for all time. There is no concept of innocence, nor can there be. The presumption is that an order exists and that the order will be collected by any means necessary on a federal level. The law does not allow for adjustment in court or by any means. The debt can never be cancelled. Even after the demise of the parties involved, the debt exists in perpetuity. Information that is incorrect cannot be corrected without the expense of hiring an attorney and making the correction. A correction can never be made after the fact and no credit can ever be issued. If an attorney cannot be hired, no change can be made. The Bradley Amendment sets the information in place to be correct for all time without the possibility or option of revision on any level.

Government Recklessness and Abuse
Congress, the DHHS, the OCSE, nor any government body has ever commissioned or performed any study on the target: the non-custodial parent. The government has simply imagined reasons for the measures that have been exacted. Six billion federal dollars a year, plus billions more by the states, are spent on a legal target with no research at all. The Federal Government is spending billions of dollars each year on something they know little about and based many assumptions by polling custodial parents. This reinforces the approach that the inability to pay is no excuse. Needless to say, there are endless stories of men who are now crushed by a debt that they will never be able to pay for all kinds of valid reasons. The program moves endlessly forward with heartless efficiency, crushing all in its hold. This oppression is a violation of due process and is both cruel and unusual because the program removes the use of human discretion and compassion from dealing with individual cases in the present or in the future.

A common “solution” for non-payment of child support is jail. In 1798, John Adams signed into law the elimination of debtor’s prison. Sending “bad men” to jail for child support without paying money and creating state and federal expense is why some proponents want failure to pay child support added to criminal law, even though it is clearly a civil matter. This is national hysteria, an abuse and waste of millions in tax dollars with no benefit to anyone. It is vindictive blood-lust and wanton misuse of power.

State child support agencies act in behalf of private citizens as financial intermediaries. However, these agencies are not subjected to the same accounting as banks. Financial accuracy remains unchecked and the errors are legion. Recent studies have proven that more than $500 million in funds have been held in public coffers without distribution. That is 4% of funds collected by 2000. If a financial institution had made a 4% error, the government would have closed them down. Furthermore, the whole program was designed from the outset to reduce the cost of welfare. This has not happened as the cost of welfare spirals upward without reform, cost-containment or reduction in sight.

bradleyamendmenttitleinternet.jpgNon-custodial parents are monitored and regulated as though they are criminals. The Bradley Amendment mandates that a child-support debt cannot be retroactively reduced or forgiven even if the debtor is unemployed, hospitalized, in prison, sent to war, dead, proved to not be the father, never allowed to see the children, loses a job or suffers a pay cut. The Amendment has resulted in unintended consequences that have never been corrected, gross injustices that are never dealt with and massive costs, especially to non-custodial parents that are already under the financial gun. The spiraling costs within government supply no gain and only enhance bureaucracy. The Bradley Amendment must be repealed because it violates the rights of millions of American citizens at huge expense to the government, under the pretense of abolishing poverty and collecting child support for the nation.

E. Manning

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  1. As a woman, I am going to chime in. This is not a matter of men vs women, it is a better of unfair laws that perpetuate laziness. I am a single mother that had my daughter taken away and put into the care of her abusive father. despite police reports against him, I was simply unable to fight a winning battle because his family always hires him good lawyers. As a result, I am forced to pay $400 a month, never see my child because he won’t allow it, and I am harassed weekly by my unemployed and alcoholic ex. after experiencing thing, I began to sympathize for many of the men that have gone through similar situations with child support. children should never be used as tools to hurt or gain financial power over others. typically men have faced these problems, but it is becoming more and more common for women. bottom line is that people are often being treated unjustly when children are involved. regardless of their gender. in the end, it is the children that experience the greatest suffering. the system needs a reform for the sake of justice and the welfare of children!

    I would say that most reasonable people would agree with you. This is not about gender, it’s about abusive and oppressive politics — and law, not the law of the jungle, as George H.W. Bush was so proud to say. It’s also about the lack of social reinforcements and encouragements concerning the sociopathic behavior that so many parents exhibit, not only against their ex, but against their own children. They don’t need law, they need mental help — minus legal bullying. ~ E.M.

  2. Richard Cole said:

    I hear the women crying as usual. You know, if I have a company provided car or bonus, God forbid, They want to adjust my support and pay more. If she is remarried, especially to the man she was sleeping with while married to her husband, while he was at work, not knowing his wife was being unfaithful, in other words Melissa, she was committing “ADULTRY” oh and for the record driving with the children in the car drinking and driving on a regular basis, and even got caught for child endangerment and a DUI to boot. I think they should remove some of my obligation. If he wanted my family so bad, then he needs to step up like a man and “PAY”. NO ONE WITH A FULLY FUNCTIONAL BRAIN would put kids in an environment like that. I am referring to most family court judges. They are all, from my experience, Pieces of “DOG $#%@. They are treasonist and totally at war with the Constitution. They laugh and mock their oaths. I was just released on 7500$ cash bond that my son put up. Does that sound like a deadbeat to you? Oh I was told by my company that I am disqualified to drive a truck anymore because my blood pressure is too high and my shortness of breath is a problem as well. ” I WENT TO JAIL BECAUSE I GOT SICK” ITS OUT OF CONTROL” MARRIED PEOPLE SHOULD BE SUBJECTED TO THE SAME STANDARDS NON_CUSTODIAL PARENTS ARE PUT THROUGH. I BET THE SYSTEM WOULD COLLAPSE OVER NIGHT.This has created a whole different class of citizens. ITS UN_GODLY……………..Richard Cole

    I would agree with you. The common feeling by the little woman is that the world hasn’t done enough for her, so she’s going after the easiest target. Early life experience also plays into this as well. There are very few women out there that haven’t experienced some negative event in life that have managed to keep a balanced attitude, most often as a result of poor parenting/support by their parents. Parents have been suckered by bad people that have created bad government for almost seventy years. I have also explained that legal precedence has done away with the Constitution. That was accomplished in the 1930s. We’ve all been seduced by a prosperous looking lifestyle, as well as the government’s recommendation to spend still more. That hasn’t worked, has it? ~E.M.

  3. WOW. Melissa do you hear your self. You said you would go to jail for owing 2k for back rent. Not the same and no you would not go to jail so who ever is saying that is filling your head full of crap. Men are constantly portrayed as the bad guy and your comment is a prime example of why all of us are here in the first place with the scum money hungry system we have because women like your self pushed it. You opened your legs as well and asked for a child now your stuck with raising one. You chose as well. You want someone to feel sorry for you so you cry to your Bradley Amendment. My ex-wife works and goes to school and is helped by Work Force to pay for day care. You just sound lazy to me and want someone to feel sorry for you. My ex does not ask for child support because it is part of the reason why our marriage ended. Try being ripped from those kids of yours on XMAS and being haled to another state to face 5 felony counts of child support that they just stacked on you without your knowledge and wait 4 months in jail not knowing your fate all because you had a child that was not planned and you can’t afford an attorney and then receiving 12 years deferred. Women like you make me sick. You would rather tell your child that his father is in jail for child support then have him around at all. Go ahead push him and trust me he will not be around. Not because he does not want to be there but because he was forced by a money hungry system who gives a damn about equal rights or debtors prison and who pushes your constitutional right right out the door. That’s the right you have on that 2k you owe to the apartment simply a debt. Fathers are put out to be criminals on a daily basis because of women being taught that it is okay to push this crap. You know I pay more on interest fees then I owe on child support a month. Something is wrong with that. GL and hope do your self a favor and stop blaming others for your short comings.

  4. The feminist agenda is not to seek equality but to dominate men, and the sad part about they are using people like Bradley to accomplish their goals. I use to have respect for Bradley, but now there is nothing but contempt. I am sure he has heard of the abuses his bill has caused and yet he sits on the side line to scared to admit he was wrong, because if he does, those feminist will turn on him and paint him as a devil. When people start to go postal on these slavemasters because of these unconstitutional laws, the system is going to do every thing it can to paint them as deadbeats or terroists. Heres to you Bill Bradley, a Puppet not a Man.

  5. Jonathan said:


    I want to sympathize with you but I can not find my self doing so after so many times I have been bent over by the child support system. You contradict your self on your post. You say you want men thrown in prison for neglect but then you go on to say you agree with the article and think men should not be imprisoned for failure to pay. Which one is it? I think a man has a right to chose and if he walked away that’s on him. That is his God given rite to do so. Women have screwed up our legal system so much with equal rights and The Bradley bill that it has become close to imposable for men to have a fair shake. You want men to have a neglect charge? Do you know how hard it is to find a job these days with any sort of charge on your record? I can tell you from personal experience it is impossible. And my problems stem from when I was a kid in my twenty’s. I believe a father should not be forced to pay anything against his will or be held hostage in jail by the terrorist child support system who will take his license away so he can not find work. What sense does that make? I moved out of state to get away from the child support system (not fair for the kids) I was forced by not having a license to move so I could obey the court order that was in place. Oh by the way I am disabled and child support takes half of my disability check leaving me with a whopping 375.00 per month to live on. Meanwhile the women are married. Oh this coming from one of the mothers when I asked her if she could drop the support order. She told me she only needs the support order to have insurance for her and her hubby. Go figure how women think to bleed the system to there benefit. So when I got ripped from my Wife and new born son here in Texas and taken back to Wisconsin it was all because her and her new hubby needed insurance. I got handed down 12 years deferred. If you don’t know what that means it means that if I miss one payment I go bye bye for 12 years. All for having unprotected sex. Is not she to blame for that as well? Now tell me that’s fair and that child support is good.. F the system and F any woman who agrees with
    the enslavement of man due to the system…

    Jonathan N

    • Melissa Wright said:

      So I should also have the right to walk out and abandon the kids we mutually planned? Neither of my children were opps’ or surprises. No, he absolutely should NOT have the right to walk away. If every man and woman were afforded the right to walk away, many kids would die because you don’t want to be with the bitch you boned. That is not your CHILDS fault. If I can be charged with neglect for failure to provide, he should be afforded the same consequence. If I would be charged with abandonment for leaving my kids on someones doorstep, he should be charged the same. Just because the chick you used to be with is a bitch and a user, does not mean we all are. I am not out to hurt my ex husband. I am not out to “take him to the cleaners”. I am out for my kids’ best interest. Oh and by the way, when I was 19 I turned someone in that I saw selling stolen items. Now I have theft on my record. YES, I know how hard it is to find a job with a record. I am “this close” to being forced to leave my current state so I can find a job…. But you know people like you would automatically ASSume that I am only trying to keep my kids from their father. You men want the “rights” that we have… get custody of your kids and see if you don’t spend more than $375 a month providing for them. A bigger place, more electric, more food, more clothes, more school registrations and fees. In my case, more diapers. If you want to turn it around, don’t whine about the support that your children deserve to live a healthy life, take custody and support ’em yourself. But God forbid you take a “woman’s role” right??

      • Melissa,
        If u was still married and your husband lost his job, what would u do? Exactly, suck it up and do the best you can! You can’t expect a non-custodial parent to keep paying when they loose their job or get hurt. Bradley needs to be abolished! If a person is barely making it, how is taking 50% of their wages going to help? Now they can’t afford rent, gas, food……leads right to unemployment……back to square one……wake up America!

      • Melissa Wright said:

        No, I wouldn’t suck it up, I would make sure he quit smoking his pot long enough to get a job. We went through that. But OUR kids aren’t making it either. I can’t find employment. Anywhere. I have been looking, putting in multiple applications every single day. He is working making $10 an hour. His girlfriend works. They have plenty of money. I live with my kids at my mom’s house. He won’t even take the kids long enough for me to go to an interview. He rarely takes visitation, one weekend every two months, so even if I wanted to date to try to find a suitable companion and role model for my kids, I can’t. I no longer live in my apartment, but I moved out before the lease was up. I will go to jail if I refuse to pay the $2000 rent that is owed. What is the difference. I signed a one year lease, and he signed a birth certificate knowing it is an 18 year contract. Law is law. And asking to take SUPPORT away from kids is WRONG

      • Melissa,
        I can see why u are divorced! You have my sympathy, but no one on here is asking to take money away from kids! For example, do u really think Charlie Sheen’s ex needs $50,000.00 a month in support? UHhhhh, hell NO! But, we can’t fix the problems with Bradley in effect!!!!!

      • Bradley gives the non-custodial parent no way out. For example: if you get into an accident or loose your job, Bradley does not allow for this to be taken into account, so for those months that you are in a hospital bed or off work, you still owe 100%! When and if you start back to work, you are immediately faced with not only a mountain of debt, but the very real possibility of going to jail!!!There is no debt forgiveness under Bradley, even if the custodial parent ok’s it! WAKE-UP AMERICA ! ! ! Bradley is not about child support, not even close.

  6. Melissa Wright said:

    I am a mother of two, when I married and we planned two children, I never expected to be left ALONE to pay for everything for myself and two children. You think it’s hard to support YOURSELF on half wages? Imagine having two kids in diapers and you have to feed them every day. It is nearly impossible. My ex was ordered $146 a week for two children. When the order was placed I lived in a homeless shelter. I begged their father to take them. He refused. I think that failure to provide support to YOUR children should be criminal. If I can not afford to feed my kids, I get punished with imprisonment for neglect. The “father’s” should face the same punishment for failure to provide. The one thing I DO agree with in this article, is that is should not be imprisonment for failure to pay, it should be child neglect. Period. And as for no option to be found innocent… That is what the DNA test is for. You are the father? Guilty. You are not the father? Not guilty. Not a hard concept.

    that is part of the problem that so many don’t see. It isn’t as clear cut as some would have you to believe. Criminal? Human behavior is often criminal, but you can’t legislate morality, especially when it clearly depends on two people to make it right, not on the government. That is why picking your partner WISELY cannot be overemphasized. When you marry on a whimsy, you are likely to pay for it in spades. It also pays to behave yourself and do your part in advance (Yes, before the divorce). Bad blood is often well deserved. Stars and the lust for romance in your eyes just don’t cut it America. ~ E.M.

  7. Ronald Williams said:

    I have asked my current wife to post this for me..

    I was divorced in 1977 and now have a 42-year-old daughter. The ex-wife has served me with a “show cause” hearing in Illinois. I paid support directly to the ex-wife but stopped when she turned 18 in 1986. The ex-wife is asking for “arrearage” in the amount of over $100,000. I am now retired and 67 years old. I did not keep receipts for 30 years for anything including the support I paid. What on earth can I do? All research indicates she can do this if I can’t prove I paid, which I can’t. She has just retired and I suspect this is something the devious witch came up with to supplement her Social Security figuring I wouldn’t keep receipts for 30 years. My current wife and I have been married for 20 years. She deserves support too.

    • Jonathan said:

      Unfortunately they will get there money any which way they please. They will take it from your Social Security check up to 50% never mind you and you will be left with nothing to pay the bills you will starve and be out of house and home all due to the nice system we call child support. I am on SSI and SSDI and they take half of what I get and I am left to fin for my self, my wife, and three kids. Oh and it will get better when they hall you off to jail give you 12 years deferred for non support and threaten you with all sorts of things and do all sorts of things to you like take away your drivers license and fishing license and your passport so forget traveling while retired to any place overseas even Mexico. I want to give you good news but i can’t, I can only warn you of things to come. These things are all the things I am going threw since I have been on child support and have been for 15 years and its been HELL..

      They will take you taxes too.

  8. Nice, I lose my job and what little savings I have left is confiscated by the state along with my wife’s small pay checks. I suppose it’s OK that our baby starves. Thanks a lot you stupid liberal dems! These perverted socialist need to stop interfering with people’s lives and inflicting hardships upon them. It’s not like I’m having a hard enough time as it is and although I have no job, at least I was paying something every week. I just love living under fear, oppression, and tyranny. I know if I do not find a job soon, I’ll probably be heading to prison for the crime of being a father suffering from a financial hardship. What the Hell has happened to America? It’s about time we wake up and do something about this –it blatantly violates the US constitution!

  9. Erin R. Drake said:

    I am at a middle ground. I both pay child support and recieve child support. There are some bad fathers and bad mothers who abandon their children and get away with never making any type of contribution to the child’s life monetarily or otherwise. However, I find that most just want to see their children and don’t mind paying a reasonable amount of support so long as that support is based on current finances and is not excessive. There are a few legal changes that need to be made to the current system all of which can be placed into a bill if anyone with the proper money or power is willing to ensure it gets to the national congress for a vote. Those things are this: No state or government can place sanctions, fines or additional fees on any parent for the nonpayment of childsupport. The right to privacy shall not be violated by the states or any administration within the state (CSRU/DHS/DCS) and shall not collect any information pertaining to child support payors or payees without the citizens written consent, which may be rescinded at anytime. No state or government shall impose criminal or social penalties including but not limited to, incarceration, license sanctions, administrative fines, fees or intrest on moneies owed. The abolition of debtors prison written into the constitution shall not be violated and no state or government shall use the civil court, or contempt proceedings to incarecerate individuals for non payment of child support. The felony non support law shall be abolished in all forms in all states and to the federal government as well.

    It’s time people to file class action lawsuits for these violations. The violation of the freedom of privacy, the violation of the abolition of debtors prison, the use of writ of attainders also forbidden by the constitution, the violation of the right to equal protection of the law, the violation of the right to counsel when sanctioned, and sometimes when accused of felony non-support, the violation of refusing legal exemptions for the poor, the violation of the constitution which states no govenment may sanction, fine or imprision any citizen unless in conjuction with a crime for which the citizen is afforded counsel and is found guilty of by a jury trial. The rules of civil proceedure make clear it is not legal for nay state to nullify any citizens right to civil correction of grievance, therefore the bradley amendment is in clear violation of the law. A class action suit to the supremem court is the only viable option to defeat the laws.

  10. Men, find a local father’s rights group. Join. Be the change you wish to see. Seek custody of your children.


  11. Jonathan said:

    Oh and Mexico has no agreement with the US for child support. They will not deport you back. I was there and so were plenty more dads who could not handle the charges they faced.

  12. Jonathan said:

    So far so good. I am on top of my payments but just the thought of 12 years over my head is scary. I had 5 felony charges and never once was told to go to court. The courts just handed me one after the other. Where is the justice in that?

  13. Patrick said:

    There is no “Due Process” for so-called DeadBeat Dads!! Until the whole system is overhauled or eliminated, we have no choice but to fight back while we stay undergound as much as possible. Currently it is in fact a tyrannical system, so we must resist with all resources but minus any violence!!

  14. Where can you flee to and not be pursued by child support. They can get you any where and take you back for justice. Then they will slap a fed fleeing to avoid prosecution. Where can you go? Please tell me. I am looking at 12 years deferred for non payment. I am disabled and have a family that I do not want to be ripped from.

    • Liberty said:

      in that case you will need to leave the country. Only there can you be physically away from their overweening power. That requires a passport which you won’t get if you have an outstanding support debt, whether legitimate or not. If you don’t have that, try applying for dual citizenship. Those are your only options. Otherwise, don’t make yourself available. A stupid man doesn’t care for his identity, including what you do on the internet. You are not required to use your real identity, despite the rhetoric that may say otherwise.

      The Prospect of Dual Citizenship

    • Patrick said:

      @Jonathan; There are two ways to stay one step ahead although it is not and ideal way to live of course–1. You can move about every 2 to 3 months(out of state) 2. You can live in some countries for anywhere between 3 to 6 months and possibly up to a year if you file for an extended stay. I was in Germany for almost a year on an extended stay(should have stayed), but like an idiot I came back only to find my self in trouble again. The state having jurisdiction over the support order is highly unlikely to come after you in Europe, even though there are agreements between countries, they are highly unlikely to pursue you, unless they can track down where you live or work. But the cost for the court to do that is prohibitive!! I would not suggest you go to Canada. Best just to stay on the move in the states unless you have some cash or a relative in Europe who can help you.

    • Richard Arndt said:

      Good luck

  15. PEOPLE, there is a way we can fight. A way to overturn this situation. If anyone emails me I can give them instructions on how it can be done. We WILL have to be together on this. We must be brave in our persuit of the enemy. We CAN WIN but we have just a little time to accomplish so much. I need all the help I can get. UNITED WE STAND…. DIVIDED WE FALL. This is a call to all who are willing to fight the for our suvival.

    I have been studing the bradley bill and the bill of rights. I found some “kinks in the armor”. I am willing to give instructions that, if followed, I belive will be the breakthrough we need. This is not a joke! I need volunteers now.

    We will not be silent. We will not tap out. We will not stop until all the wrongs are righted and all the Chains are loosed. Cujo5@vzw.blackberry.net

  16. We are going to have to come together to fight for Change.
    The Problem is we are too busy working and trying to stay out of jail to fight back….There entire concept of child support is wrong. We allow women to use kids as an excuse to destroy men, with Government agency backing.
    If we made a law that said “she” has to prove she can take care of them by herself, within 30 days of a Divorce or the state takes the kid, and she pays Child Support, to the state….. this law would be gone tomorrow.

    This is not a free country and its going to get worse!

  17. Yes, “child support” as well as “dead-beat dad” are NEWSPEAK terms (read George Orwell’s prophetic work: 1984 ). They are chosen carefully to elicit reactionary responses of compassion, anger, and fear. I believe our nation has entangled itself in a debacle as immoral as slavery! American “slaves” were seen as the legal chattel of their American “masters”. There were laws enforced, and terms defined, in order to control and dehumanize people then as there are now.

    Because of this new injustice, I find it painful to call myself an “American”, a term that once roused pride and commitment in the hearts on many. I identify with a growing subclass of disenfranchised fathers, men without rights, “non-custodial” parents, non-persons– before an oppressive government!

  18. I just came back from an 8 day holiday and this is the first time I thought of leaving the country. I have been fighting my ex for over 10 years and it still is not over. She is still a manipulative, cunning person today. I am a slave to her, having 50% of my check garnished. I know it’s excessive but my lawyer did not look out for me, only for his wallet, so he didn’t fight for me. The last thing he did say to me was that I should have killed her because 1) I would have had a fairer trial and 2) at least I would know when this ends. IT NEVER ENDS. I have chosen to stop speaking to her because I’m sick of fighting with her. I do not want to spend another $100,000 to make some other scum bag lawyer rich. I will miss my children very much but I can’t wait until I’m 53 (another 10 years) for it to end. I don’t see any other choice.

  19. I am not a direct victim of the system, but my son and I may end up suffering because another woman who wanted a man she couldn’t have chose to keep a child he never wanted nor did he consent to conceive with her.

    She has stalked him in the past, in one case violently, tried to contact his friends, family and his ex girl friends and wife even. She moved here to be closer to him even though he told her not to since he wasn’t going to be with her. She is not right in the head and yet he has no way out.

    He is my roommate and currently unemployed since his position was out sourced to India two and a half years ago and the job market being so bad here right now. He provides care for my 22 month old son while I am at work, and because of her malice and vindictiveness, I might have to quit my job because he may be arrested for not paying what he doesn’t have. I’ll have to stay home to care for my son. I’ll lose my apartment and me and my son will end up on the street.

    All the while she is making $35K+ per year, living with a man she started sleeping with 6 days after she told my roommate she was pregnant and now claiming she makes minimum wage and needs his support for her child, which she neglects and mistreats on a regular basis.

    How can this system be removed? I know there are legitimate cases out there that may warrant these tactics, but his is not one of them since the only reason she filed was to try and force him to always be part of her life and keep him suffering by her hand. Change needs to happen and fast before any more good men end up statistics, dead by their own hand because of a debt they cannot pay. What can be done? Something has to be available.

  20. I had to leave the U.S. over this. My choice was jail or leaving and it wasn’t even for child support but for lawyer fees assigned by a sneaky trick my ex pulled. Everything divorce is now lumped into this and “contempt” is now a perpetual life sentence. I am waiting for the day when the soon to be divorced men start realizing they’ll get less jail time for killing their ex (and a fairer trial) then trying to continue to pay pay pay when they can’t.

  21. The term ‘child support’ is just a brainwashing term. Two more correct terms are ‘ex-spousal support’ and ‘feminist mechanism for the transfer of wealth from men to women’

    I love this country and hate to see the core of any society (the family) destroyed by feminist men-hating women. It’s almost Satanic.

    The Bradley amendment has just about ruined my life, but I won’t hate my country, I will do anything I can to rid this country of feminist-inspired laws like the Bradley amendment.

  22. Because of the horror of what DHS has done to me and my family I must do what others in similar situations have done throuhout the ages. We must either flee the tyrany or fight for our God-given rights. Because I have no right to have any money, because I have no right to operate a motor vehicle I can not flee. Because I have no right to competent legal counsel, because I have no right to plead in court for my rights or the rights of my children I must fight the only way I have left for I am in the corner.

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