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Did Senator Obama Bash Men on Father's Day?

There has been attention in the media and by many of my fellow bloggers that state that presidential candidate Barack Obama bashed black fathers and fathers in general. Recently discovered is a social engineering agenda that he has recently revealed. He has proved that beyond the “hope” platform, he is a true blue Democrat. How?  Democrats cannot stay away from social engineering of child support legislation. He has picked up a large measure of Hillary Clinton’s agenda masquerading as the The Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act.

“Still, I know the toll that being a single parent took on my mother – how she struggled at times to the pay bills; to give us the things that other kids had; to play all the roles that both parents are supposed to play. And I know the toll it took on me. So I resolved many years ago that it was my obligation to break the cycle – that if I could be anything in life, I would be a good father to my girls; that if I could give them anything, I would give them that rock – that foundation – on which to build their lives. And that would be the greatest gift I could offer.”

…“The first is setting an example of excellence for our children…It’s up to us – as fathers and parents – to instill this ethic of excellence in our children. It’s up to us to say to our daughters, don’t ever let images on TV tell you what you are worth, because I expect you to dream without limit and reach for those goals. It’s up to us to tell our sons, those songs on the radio may glorify violence, but in my house we live glory to achievement, self respect, and hard work. It’s up to us to set these high expectations. And that means meeting those expectations ourselves. That means setting examples of excellence in our own lives.”

…”The second thing we need to do as fathers is pass along the value of empathy to our children. Not sympathy, but empathy – the ability to stand in somebody else’s shoes; to look at the world through their eyes….And by the way – it’s a responsibility that also extends to Washington. Because if fathers are doing their part; if they’re taking our responsibilities seriously to be there for their children, and set high expectations for them, and instill in them a sense of excellence and empathy, then our government should meet them halfway.”

…“We should take all of these steps to build a strong foundation for our children. But we should also know that even if we do; even if we meet our obligations as fathers and parents; even if Washington does its part too, we will still face difficult challenges in our lives. There will still be days of struggle and heartache. The rains will still come and the winds will still blow.”

“And that is why the final lesson we must learn as fathers is also the greatest gift we can pass on to our children – and that is the gift of hope.”

And he concluded with what it means to have a life worth living. It isn’t a life trying to beat all others in the game of acquiring more and more. It is much more important that that:”

“When I was a young man, I thought life was all about me – how do I make my way in the world, and how do I become successful and how do I get the things that I want.”

“But now, my life revolves around my two little girls. And what I think about is what kind of world I’m leaving them. Are they living in a county where there’s a huge gap between a few who are wealthy and a whole bunch of people who are struggling every day? Are they living in a county that is still divided by race? A country where, because they’re girls, they don’t have as much opportunity as boys do? Are they living in a country where we are hated around the world because we don’t cooperate effectively with other nations? Are they living a world that is in grave danger because of what we’ve done to its climate?”

The bottom line is this: millions of devoted dads need nothing more than access to their kids, fair treatment and equal protection of their fundamental parental AND CONSTITUTIONAL rights. The court system has violated those rights ALMOST ACROSS THE BOARD, including basic constitutional rights. Some states, like West Virginia, are beginning to see the truth regarding their unconstitutional laws and repealing them. Could the pendulum of oppression be swinging the other way? The federal government needs to do the right thing: repeal the Bradley Amendment and restore order to America.

So far, politicians have ignored the Bradley Amendment and harm done by anti-fatherhood laws. What will you do? Will you take up your pen and tell what you think?

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