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Corporate Government Wants Your Insurance Claims for Past Due Child Support

justice and moneySACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers are advancing a bill that would intercept more insurance payments and use them to pay beneficiaries’ overdue child support.

empty-pockets-robbed-court-orderThe corporate exploitation is huge, but they want more access to the any possibility of cash from child support debtors. About a quarter of insurance companies now voluntarily participate in the program. California collects about $17 million annually from insurance claims, settlements and awards that would otherwise go to individuals who owe child support.

The measure approved by the state Senate on Thursday would make insurance company participation mandatory. Senator Connie Leyva, a Democrat from Chino, says that will greatly increase payments.

stingy stateSB585 was sought by Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. The bill lets the departments of Insurance and Child Support Services cooperate to match those who owe child support with those set to receive insurance payouts.

The measure passed on a 29-4 vote and now goes to the Assembly. They intend to circumvent all ‘contract law’ because they claim to have a superior authority, a superior right. All the rights of human beings are inferior. Due process is dead. Tyranny is becoming the de facto standard.

Are these your lawmakers? Know other lawmakers that want the same? Get rid of them! Let them know that this won’t do! A riot is too good for them.


Dads and Judicial Prejudice

According to a recent California Department of Child Support Services report, one of the leading factors creating “deadbeat dads” in California is that fathers who owe child support are rarely able to get downward modifications on their child support when they suffer drops in income.

According to an Urban Institute study, less than one in 20 non-custodial parents who suffers a substantial drop in income is able to get courts to reduce the support obligation. In the words of one California judge: “I don’t care if you live under a highway underpass in the meantime, just pay your support as ordered.”

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge just lowered actress Anne Heche’s child support obligation by 75% because Heche says she has fallen on financial hard times. In addition, she was recently relieved of paying child support for July.

The judge may well have acted correctly in this case, but the question must be asked, “If Heche can get a huge reduction so easily, why is it so hard for fathers in similar circumstances to get reductions?” Does the judge cutting some slack have something to do with Heche being a high profile person?

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