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Monica Lewinsky’s Lost Child Support Profits

by Philip Greenspan

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 11:  (NO U.S. TABLOID SALES)  President Bill Clinton whispers in wife Hillary's ear during the Medal of Freedom event where former President Gerald R. Ford was honored at the White House August 11, 1999 in Washington DC.  (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)

I was chatting with a litigator about Real World Divorce and politics. The subject of the Clintons’ roughly $22 million/year in earnings came up and the litigator noted “Monica Lewinsky could have done pretty well for herself if she hadn’t left the white gold on her blue dress.” What did she mean? It turns out that if Monica had stayed in the District of Columbia with Bill Clinton’s child she would have been entitled to roughly $2 million per year for 21 years, i.e., about $42 million total in tax-free profit.

What about the fact that some of the money was earned by Hillary? “A judge could use discretion to award child support based on the combined income in a variety of ways,” she explained. “One is by awarding a higher percentage of Bill’s income with the explanation that Hillary’s earnings can replace those lost to a child support plaintiff. Another is by accepting the argument that Hillary wouldn’t be earning any of her speaking fees but for her relationship with Bill and being part of the couple. A third way of getting a child support award based on the full $22 million would be to argue that much of the Clinton Foundation spending, e.g., on travel or parties, should be considered income to Bill and Hillary. Adding in a judge-determined amount from the Foundation to Bill’s income would bring his income for child support calculation up to $22 million per year.”

Think it’s funny that an attorney is writing this? Not to me. This illustrates the cool calculation of the authority that presides over men and women over the nation. It’s about the greed money for parents and government corporations of all kinds at the hands of the people in the name of children. At least, the Clinton’s are wealthy, exactly where wealth redistribution needs to happen if it happens at all. – Rathbone

McDonald’s Hamburglar Commercial Asks If You Can Pay Child Support in Burgers

reviewed by Moody Jim Rathbone

hamburglar-robs-to-pay-child-supportCorporate profiteers continue to mock hard-working parents slaving to pay for state-mandated child support at any cost. Perhaps they could rob it in burgers implies the latest McDonald’s commercial. Corporate profiteers think that it’s time to crack jokes about what is hardship for many. Yes, I’m against harassment by a narcissistic wife without boundaries too. This Hamburglar needs some help, lame comedy at best. (See the commercial here)

McDonald’s recently changed the Hamburglar from an orange-faced cartoon character to a scruffy thirty-something dude. This particular incarnation of the sticky-fingered beef thief is married, although, based on a recent commercial featured on The Verge, he keeps his Hamburglar costume stashed in a box in the garage labeled “Yearbooks” so his wife won’t find it.

Because women be naggin’ and men be lyin’ to their significant others, the ad—which, in a reflection of McDonald’s recent revenue woes, looks like it was filmed for about $20. It features Mrs. Hamburglar interrupting her husband’s pitch for McDonald’s by calling him and asking him if he picked up supplies for what sounds like a child’s birthday party.

McD’s is after me (apparently, so is my wife)!

Tweet #RobbleRobble to keep them off my trail.


— McDonald’s (@McDonalds) May 12, 2015

Hamburglar-child-supportCan you pay child support in delicious McDonald’s Steakhouse Sirloin Third Pound Burgers?

The real tragedy is the fun that it pokes at already harassed men that are constantly harassed by wifes, ex-wifes and the like. It portrays men as liars and thieves (some exes will get off on the commercial, ala Hillary Clinton style). What’s worse, it implies that robbing to pay child support is a good idea. So, everybody head on down to McDonald’s to steal their monthly child support whenever you are running short. That is what Madison Avenue wants. Can advertising be wrong? Yep.

It’s a human rights and tyranny issue – and they’re in on it.


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