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Massachusetts Attempts Illegal Support Measures

The right of a child, including support,  is now determined by kangaroo court.

legal rights and lawbreakingNew guidelines proposed to take effect this year in Massachusetts have been momentarily delayed, at least until the hearing to be held this morning. These new rules “were not formulated using the actual costs of raising a child, as required by federal law, and are thus arbitrary and capricious,” says attorney Gregory Hession representing family rights organization Fathers & Families.

The pleadings before the court assert that the process used to put together the new guidelines violates due process and equal protection rights of the payers of child support, as protected under the United States Constitution, a similar problem of Federal Bradley legislation enacted in the early 1990’s. To compound matters, the state of Massachusetts bypassed the normal legislative process by having a secret committee prepare the new child support rules and a single judge declare them to be law, in violation of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights.

According to finding by Fathers & Families, the new guidelines will cause almost all child support orders to increase substantially — when all factors are considered, middle-class recipients will enjoy a standard of living almost double that of payers who earn about the same amount. In some cases, child support orders will triple, even in cases in which the payer is poor and the child is economically comfortable because the custodial parent earns over $100,000. And in high income cases, the child support order for one child could be nearly $50,000.

The case being argued is that it hurts children, which seems to be the main concern of many and rightly so. Beyond that, however, the issues of illegal procedure seem to be almost secondary, yet are of the greatest importance. If Americans cannot expect legislators to abide by Federal Constitutional or even the established laws and rights of their own state citizenry, what can Americans expect, but more wholesale rape as any excuse for any cause, no matter how noble or just to the beholder or a body of thought.

illegal bandaidIf you aren’t paying attention, you should be. Massachusetts is known to be the testing ground for all kinds of errant child support law over the last twenty years, starting with implementing Federal Bradley Law itself on a trial basis fifteen years ago. Divorced parents across the nation continue to be in legislative crosshairs as the powers that be design new ways to implement their personal designs and agendas to alter the American social landscape. So far, legality has not proved to be an effective issue in the big picture. The new President is not expected to stand up against such designs based on his past statements. Obviously, the nation needs more socially conscious Americans to stand up for right beyond the rights of a child. The right of a child is not above the Constitution or previously established rights of American citizens. The right of a child is certainly not privy to secret meetings or kangaroo courts. ~ E. Manning

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