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Child Support & Eugenics: Be Positive, Be Healthy

by E.J. Manning

mind controlThe U.S. government has really been pushing their feel-good eugenics health message, which is very light on sharing useful facts. “Teens who feel good about themselves are more likely to grow into young adults who feel better about their health” and “positive well being is also associated with fewer risky health behaviors such as smoking and physical inactivity.” Finally, “It’s really important for parents and schools to promote positive characteristics such as self-esteem and optimism, and to provide social support during this time [in life].” This is not unlike President Obama’s election message of national hope, clothed in a mythology of change and national responsibility.

The growing tendency in government science is to provide genetic explanations for disease as the means for the nation’s contemporary concept of biological health. This includes not only the concept of absence of disease processes, but also the idea of an individual’s risk of disease or death. This allows mainstream politics to continue to peddle a world of processed food and corporate profits to support their world view as they ply their efforts at population control and behavioral conditioning. The concept of genetic disease always involves a social unit: the family, a couple contemplating having children, or an ethnic or geographically defined group. Health authorities want to broadcast a popular message on positive attitude and positive health without substance. They want the hearts and admiration of youth. While attitude does play into the health of each American, nobody is more hypocritical about health and how they treat American citizens than the Federal Government. Government adopted eugenics says that certain individuals are genetically and culturally too risky for society to tolerate.

What does this have to do with child support? Simple. What you cultivate within the adult population is the dominant culture of the nation. What the Federal government has been cultivating for the last forty years in family law is nothing less than oppression and segmentation of families, while championing the cause of whoredom and love detachment for single parents and children. Members of the judicial system and even attorneys that play into the legal system have adopted the same eugenics-based pap grounded in fear, oppression and lack.

As a result, a be positive, be healthy attitude has little real importance to the Federal Government, since happiness starts in the family rather than in the halls of government. Parents putting other parents down and fighting like selfish children over petty things doesn’t build up children, but tears them down. It sets a bad example and prohibits youth from making effective family choices in their lives as they mature. It creates a permanent condition of strife in the hearts of the young that persists until the grave. Painting a false smile of pretense doesn’t help. All the vicious family infighting does is to bolster the power and authority that a new age of government needs to make permanent the means to rule over every aspect of life without truly considering the consequences. Government needs unhappy families that they can enslave and ensnare. It wants the human family to operate in much the same way as government does, except in the group-think of personal responsibility to governmental authority.

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