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Lack of child support spurs penalties

Question: A friend of mine said if you owe back child support, the government won’t let you get a passport. Is this true? Are there other things they can do or keep you from doing? What if you have a reason for not paying? My wife isn’t letting me see my kids, and I know when I send money she spends it on anything except the kids.

Star Bulletin, Hawaii February 26, 2008

Lack of child support spurs penalties

Legal Aid Society of Hawaii

Question: A friend of mine said if you owe back child support, the government won’t let you get a passport. Is this true? Are there other things they can do or keep you from doing? What if you have a reason for not paying? My wife isn’t letting me see my kids, and I know when I send money she spends it on anything except the kids.

Answer: From Tara Shibuya, Legal Aid family attorney: If you owe more than $2,500 in back child support, the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) can prevent you from getting a new passport or prevent you from renewing an existing one through CSEA’s Passport Denial Program.

Other methods of enforcement CSEA exercises include the following: (1) suspending, not renewing, or canceling your driver’s license and other professional licenses if you are more than three months behind in child support payments; (2) collecting your Hawaii state income tax refund if you owe more than $25 in child support; (3) collecting your federal tax refund if you owe more than $500; (4) intercepting certain federal payments owed to you, including federal retirement payments, and relocation and travel reimbursements for federal employees; (5) placing liens on all interests in real property you own or acquire; (6) levying your financial accounts (note: All financial institutions in Hawaii will report to CSEA any requested information regarding accounts maintained by noncustodial parents at its institution); and (7) reporting your arrears as a debt to a credit bureau. Child support is for the benefit of the child(ren), and the courts impose this obligation by ordering the noncustodial parent to reimburse the custodial parent for various child(ren)-related expenditures like housing, food, etc.

There is no correlation between child support and visitation. Family Court will not accept “no visitation” as an excuse to not pay child support; likewise, Family Court will not terminate your child support because you are not receiving visitation. If you need to enforce your visitation rights, you should seek relief from the court.

NY Post Calls Hillary's Brother

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s youngest sibling is a deadbeat dad who owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support to his politically connected ex” This isn’t good news, especially for Hillary Clinton’s brother, but the article is made worse by the sensational “deadbeat dad” reference. Mr. Rodham is unquestionably doing well and might be considered to be one of those “Wall Street sorts” that Ms. Clinton loves to deride in her commentaries and government plans. The truth is that most dads are not wealthy or able to defend themselves against Hillary’s pet law and triumph: The Bradley Amendment. This law has defined a new level of poverty in the name of the children it claims to serve based almost wholly on unconstitutional law. The federal law has failed on all counts except for creating more big government to the tune of $6 billion yearly.

As it stands, this is Hillary Clinton’s only major victory in social engineering. She expects to trump this with her health care plan and is running a trial with the help of fellow politicians in Massachusetts, just like she did with Bradley enforcement.


Owe, brother!

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s youngest sibling is a deadbeat dad who owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support to his politically connected ex, The Post has learned.

In a disclosure that could prove embarrassing for his sister, Anthony Rodham has stiffed his former wife, Nicole Boxer, out of $75,000 in child support, as well as $55,000 in alimony, a source close to the case said.

Including interest and various fees and expenses, the presidential candidate’s brother now owes Boxer – the daughter of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) – more than $158,000, the source said.

The revelation that Rodham is delinquent with his payments won’t be a welcome development for Hillary Clinton, coming as the too-close-to-call battle for the Democratic presidential nomination reaches a fevered pitch and with the first votes to be cast in Iowa in exactly two weeks.

Barbara Boxer has not endorsed a candidate in the race.

Nicole Boxer received judgments from a Washington judge ordering Rodham to pay up earlier this year, but the cash-strapped business consultant has yet to fork over the hefty sums.

“He has consistently been a deadbeat dad when it comes to paying child support and spousal support, despite the courts telling him over and over again that he must meet his obligations,” a source close to Nicole Boxer said.

Rodham’s lawyer, Gwendolyn Jo Carlberg, said she would “not comment on the veracity of any figures that are the subject of private and confidential settlement negotiations, as this is a personal, family matter and is under seal.” She did say her client “fully intends to honor the judgment.”

Nicole Boxer’s lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Rodham, 53, married Boxer in the White House Rose Garden in 1994, when his brother-in-law, Bill Clinton, was president.

The couple had a son, Zachary, two years later, but the political union came to an end in 2000.

Fights over child support soon followed – at one point in 2002, Nicole charged that her ex hadn’t paid anything in six months.

The latest support strife has been going on most of this past year, and Carlberg said her client has been trying to settle their differences in and out of court.

She said a Superior Court judge ruled against Rodham earlier this year.

“He strongly disagreed with the ruling, and so did I,” she said. “We appealed the decision, and Mr. Rodham did not prevail.”

That final ruling was in October.

Carlberg said she “sent a settlement letter to Ms. Boxer’s attorney a few weeks ago for structured payment. As of today, we have not received a reply.”

The Nicole Boxer source blasted Rodham’s settlement offers as “just another dodge from meeting his obligations to his former wife and son while he lives in his fancy Washington town house” with his new wife, whom he married in 2005.

A former insurance salesman, prison guard and private eye, Rodham has been a headache for the former and possibly future first family before.

He and his brother Hugh embarrassed the Clintons in 1999 with a politically perilous plan to import hazelnuts from the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

He also became a figure in the “Pardongate” scandal, when it was revealed that he lobbied Bill Clinton to pardon two embezzlers.

Rodham made headlines again shortly after his split from Nicole, when he was attacked at his family cottage in the Berkshires by a man who claimed he saw Rodham having sex with his girlfriend.

Rodham later testified that he “might have” smoked pot with the woman.

Where Does Your Candidate Stand on Child Support?

Many Americans believe that 2008 will be the most important election of their lifetimes. Whether this is true or not, the state of affairs in this country makes your electorial voice is very important.
Campaign Issues 2008
The campaign issues website is for voters more interested in issues than in personalities and political drama. This is an opportunity to check out your candidates as you decide what is important to you. I would like to see the Bradley Amendment in lights as a relevant topic for the election. If there is enough public interest, the politicians will be unable to avoid the topic. Consider fighting for restoring states rights and civil rights in child support law by making your voice known. Demand your rights and create change for the better.


Hillary Clinton Proposes Reforming Child Support

Hillary Clinton ‘recognizes’ that many states’ child support guidelines are excessive, noting:
“Child support payments can represent half of [low-income] men’s income, and can provide a strong incentive to work in the underground economy.”

Hillary Clinton’s Youth Opportunity Agenda

Hillary Clinton’s Youth Opportunity Fact Sheet

It’s strange how nobody seems to remember that Hillary and her husband Bill are largely responsible for the current state of affairs in child support legislation. The Clinton Administration, with the capable help of Hillary and Donna Shalala made certain that they breathed federal enforcement lifeblood into the democratically-sponsored Bradley Amendment of 1986. This federal law that violates state rights assigned by the Constitution and civil rights is the reason the low-income fathers are in trouble. They certainly can’t negotiate and probably can’t afford to hire the legal help required. So now Mrs. Clinton cares? Does she have a guilty conscience? Doubtless. Perhaps she has performed some legal magic in her latest plans with a backlash against the very ones she claims to want to help. Previous evidence supports this interpretation.

A Federal Tax on Child Support

In 2005, Congress passed an act called the Deficit Reduction Act. The Act went into effect on October 1, 2007. On that date, the federal government began charging $25 per child support case brought by each state. The purpose of the fee is to help reduce the federal deficit.

The Child Support Blog 1/3/08

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