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Common Law and Full Disclosure

common law

Common Law, which is said to apply to all living souls is that living beings are free to do what we please, as long as we do not infringe on the life, liberty, property, or rights of another. Governments are not allowed by common law to prosecute or fine us for victimless crimes. Statute laws have arisen for this purpose, but their power is limited by common sense and by the resolve of those who would stand up for their natural rights.

A living being can be fined only if he has signed and breached a contract. Under common law, however, a contract must be entered into with full disclosure: knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally or the contract is unenforceable. Remember that one of the requirements of a contract is full disclosure. Government departments and agencies are aware of this and circumvent it by intimidating us into signing agreements that are meant to void common law rights. This one law which takes all real crime into account has now been replaced by over sixty million statutes in the effort to compel you to do something. Law cannot compel performance, but the statute of government pretends to. These 60,000,000 statutes are all based on the idea of ‘commerce.’ How many contracts are you involved with where you have real disclosure that isn’t manipulated by a ‘higher power?’

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