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The Battle Continues: Slavery and American Politics

by E.J. Manning

slavery to children

American politics has always had a difficult time dealing with slavery of all kinds, which descended from the roots of the founding of the nation. While Abraham Lincoln ultimately did his best to transcend the racism and abuse that has infected this nation. Lincoln commonly evidenced a soft spot for people when it was not popular. When Lincoln spoke out in public office (1856) against the continuation of national slavery, Illinois politicians accused him of “the most ultra abolitionism” in reaction to Lincoln’s verbage: “Your race are suffering, in my judgment, the greatest wrong inflicted on any people.” The media of day was hardly sympathetic either, evidenced by the Illinois State Register that proclaimed “his niggerism has as dark a hue as that of (William) Garrison or Fred Douglas.” Lincoln’s opposers, like unscrupulous Stephen Douglas, scoffed at Lincoln and the plight of slaves.

Yet, even Lincoln was hardly a favorite among abolitionists of the day. He was not a god. He wavered consistently, uncertain at to how to deal the plague of national sin. Such is the plight of national politics where human and civil rights are concerned, even today. After the election, Lincoln avidly supported the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850, which gave full authority to apprehend slaves and to carry out slave-killing pledges by various parties of slavers. On the other hand, Lincoln was involved in colonization schemes of the day. Reacting to the racial fears of the time, Lincoln sought indirect opportunities for slave emancipation. Lincoln summoned a committee of free blacks (1862) from the District of Columbia to the White House. “You are cut off from many of the advantages which other race enjoy.” Lincoln told the members of the delegation that the black presence was to blame for the Civil War, lecturing them on their duty to persuade their people to emigrate to the coal mines of Central America. He urged them to go where they would be treated best.

The abolitionists were enraged by these comments and rampaged against Lincoln as missing the “spark of humanity.” Frederick Douglass called Lincoln a “genuine representative of American prejudice.” Douglass rightly attacked the “tardy, hesitating and vacillating policy of the President of the United States.” Lincoln defended himself by stressing the importance of timing and preparation, reasoning that the victims of racism were hated men. We don’t have a similar champion of human or civil rights in the United States today, despite notorious attacks on the civil freedoms of Americans across the board. Instead, this abuse is justified by carefully crafted manipulation by politicians and corporate powers that expect to benefit from money and authority behind the scenes to feather their nests.

kangaroo court

Repeal Bradley Law

In the corporate mind of fascist America, we still need slaves and serfs to serve the needs of the elite. They seek the restoration of the original Industrial America. In their minds, the American Experiment has failed them, and so, they have elected to subvert it entirely for another world order where a man is a dog. This greed and lack of respect for human beings is evidenced by the outsourcing of jobs wholesale from the nation that made so many corporations wealthy, in order to further pad their bottom lines. The same greed and lack of respect exists for those that fabricated and have continued to support the Bradley Amendment for Social Security, which advocates the use of Federal money to encourage the States to aggressively enforce child support by any means, using loopholes in civil law and promoting the using of debtor’s prison. In civil law, there is no professed innocence before guilt. That legal dogma only exists in criminal law.

As a result, the poorest of Americans are routinely oppressed without representation in a system that requires it to get anything approaching a “fair shake.” Slavery has returned to the nation through legal sanction, if it every really left to begin with. We still have the wisdom of ages that speaks against this abuse of power by the old writer of Lincoln’s Day, Horace Greeley: “Enslave a man and you destroy his ambition, his enterprise, his capacity. In the constitution of human nature, the desire of bettering one’s condition is mainspring of effort.” This observation is clearly more right than most American’s today care to acknowledge. The remnants of a middle class of Americans are distracted, grieved and fearful, carefully cultivated by the politics of 9/11. They are owned lock, stock and barrel by the company store, brainwashed by decades of corporate fascism, political favoritism and the lust for power.

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Criminal Child Support Delinquency?

by E.J. Manning

child support checkThe Child Support System continues to promote itself as the salvation of family rights. The system says that child support payments help families become stronger. They claim to favor responsibility, even as they deny their own. As part of Child Support Awareness Month, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services has released a feature on its website that allows the public to easily search a database of non-custodial parents who owe child support, in violation of their civil rights as American citizens. Undoubtedly, other states are doing much the same thing in order to curry favor, influence and cash flow. The government agencies hope that increased child support payments will reduce the need for public assistance, although this has not been proved. To them, it is all about stemming the tide of government welfare payments and they won’t hesitate to take money any way they can get it from those state residents that are subject to them.

So what is the grand promotion? The “Child Support Delinquent Payors Search” allows users to search nearly 53,000 delinquent non-custodial parents by first or last name, city, amount owed and parish where the court order was established in Louisiana. These sanctimonious folks want the name of delinquent non-custodials besmirched no matter what the cause. The system must be “right” through the authority of underground control mechanisms of eugenics and government control. To them, it is about evasion, about criminality, the definitions of which they will fashion to suit their authority. Anyone that is late with child support may ultimately be due for more prison than many murderers, rapists and most white collar criminals. The system wants your compliance and will do anything possible to put you under their thumb, even when the charges aren’t proved, but “alleged.”  Meanwhile, the national government speaks of the marvels of freedom and democracy as it bends and breaks its’ own rules. They don’t care. They see this as an opportunity to track men and women who evade child support obligations to the state. The attack against American citizens ranges from seizure of assets, suspension of driver’s, business, professional, hunting or fishing licenses, interception of state and federal tax returns, passport denial and contempt of court charges, plus whatever they can dream in the course of creating new law through renegade judges. You owe the state and you’re gonna pay. Never mind whether they commit mail fraud or break any law. They are in authority. They have the power. At least, that is what they have convinced most Americans. That is called exploitation folks.

Money is what the entire process is really about: a child support industry where the state receives 2 dollars in matching federal funds for every dollar collected. Non-custodial parents aren’t people, they are simply “payors.” Amounts owed by delinquent “payors” range from hundreds of dollars to more than $100,000. For example, Louisiana’s unpaid child support claims are about $1.2 billion, with approximately half of that total considered delinquent. Think of the money the state of Louisiana (or any other state) can generate from the government entrenched child support industry. Wily members of Congress often see the opportunity to win brownie points from a complaining populace of women that often fail to be accountable for their actions, wishing to push their errors off on others or to have higher authorities help them clean up their lousy lives.

The system continues to peddle their services to the unfortunate and the deluded.They can help everyone they advertise! Why? They like federal money and to receive whatever acclaim they can garner. They must justify their existence through undermining the American family and rebuilding society to their liking through the redistribution of wealth. Violating the rights of American citizens isn’t their concern, especially since these citizens have been relegated to deadbeat status. It’s time to stand up and be counted. Only you can stand up for yourself and the rights that a new age of government seeks to take away from you, even as they whittle away at the rights and privacy of everyone in the nation in the process…all in the name of children’s rights, which are non-existent in any founding document. Remember that the children’s rights movement was created by the eugenics movement, a nasty and racist underground agenda that has already done huge damage to the human race.

For more details, read more on this website.

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Is Bradley A Men's Issue?

There are plenty of folks out there that think (wrongly) that repealing the Bradley Amendment is a men’s issue. I have had a few outraged people tell me that they take great delight in the fact that “men get what is coming to them“. I didn’t say it. I was told this. Do you feel this way?

You really don’t have to look very far to see that repealing this amendment is a HUMAN issue of great importance. My case in point is a rather touching letter written by a woman to Senator Bill Nelson on February 7.

congress.org website

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)
2nd-term Democrat from Florida

Repeal of the Bradley Amendment

Sen. Bill Nelson

February 7, 2008

I am a woman, age 59. I reside in the state of FL, and have most of the time since 1986. Before I came here I allowed my then husband custody of my two youngest daughters. They were age 5 and 7 respectively, and I felt he would be better able to take care of them at the time, as I was quite ill, unemployed, and they needed a stable environment. He was surrounded by non-working female family members who I knew would take better care of them than I was then able. It gave him a support group that I did not have, and I loved my children enough to recognize all this and act in their best interests even though it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.. For health reasons I moved to FL. After a year, I was well enough to go back to work. Shortly thereafter my husband filed for divorce and child support was ordered at $350.00 a month (an amount that was based not on my current income, but on what the court felt I was capable of making). I was not financially able to return or represent myself in divorce court. Further, when I had moved out here, we had a verbal agreement that because, in the previous 7 years, I had raised these two and my other 3 children alone, he wouldn’t ask for child support.

After our divorce, the office of support enforcement in the state of WA where he lived with the children started garnishing my wages and did so until 1990. One day I received a letter saying the case was closed because my ex-husband failed to cooperate to collect. I never heard from support enforcement again until 2000 when they informed me I owed $52,000 in back child support. I hired an attorney, and while the amount was reduced to $32,000 for various reasons, I felt that I was denied all kinds of rights. As I said before, I am 59. These children are close to 30, and I am still paying. I worked all those years, never hid from my husband, my children or my obligation, a court order was obviously in place to collect (as for a time they collected), but no one ever acted on it. I therefore was never asked to support my children when they needed it, and now years later I am supporting my ex husband who divorced me over 20 years ago. Because of the Bradley Amendment, I have no recourse under the law to appeal my case, have the amount reduced – nor do I feel I will ever be able to pay it. This law is so unfair and so denies people’s rights to due process. Even murderers can appeal their conviction, get shorter time in prison, be paroled, have their sentences reduced, or even be pardoned altogether. An absent parent who has been determined to owe a custodial parent money can’t do any of these things.

I am an old woman in ill health. I don’t know how to get laws changed, but I beg you, if you have the authority, to please try to get this amendment looked at and either completely rewritten or repealed completely. It is causing so much harm to so many people. What really hurts me the worst about it is that I had these two children plus three more from two other marriages. In twenty years, with open cases, I never received a penny from the first two fathers, and this same father never paid me a penny either for the 7 years he was the absent parent. It seems like all but about 3 years of support here should have been a fair trade off. Now, when I’m old, I’m still the cash cow, the same as I was when I was raising my children. There is simply no justice available to absent parents.

Thank you for your time. I am sending this in the hopes that when you have read it you will search your heart and realize that not everybody caught in this trap was a deadbeat. Some of us are here because we loved our children and tried to do what we thought was right. I still think what I did was right, but by the same token, if I had adopted these girls out to a perfect stranger instead of letting their father raise them, I certainly wouldn’t be in this predicament. I think that fact alone makes clear how wrong this amendment is.

Patricia Harrison
2465 US 1 So., PMB 99
St. Augustine, FL 32086

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