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The Kangaroo Court Says…

by Moody Jim Rathbone
So many children, so many fathers.

So many children, so many fathers.

‘In a situation wherein a child is not acknowledged by the father, a mother can still claim child support. If oral and written demands to provide support fail, the mother, for and in behalf of her child, may file a case in court.’ – Maria Dee A. Seares-Del Rosario

Or, she can keep her legs closed. Or, she can prove that the child actually belongs to ‘dad.’ In more kangaroo courts across the US, proof of paternity is being required, regardless of marital status. That should be a minimum standard.

baby moneyMany women are only too happy to set up a man for life if they can. Even during marriage, paternity is hardly assured, unless you live in a state like Texas. (Don’t make that mistake.) Corporate states are not interested in truth, but in collecting child support so that they can be paid again by the Feds. That is the current reality for most.

The kangaroo court says that a case for ‘compulsory recognition’ with support may be filed in court with the executive administrator, often mistaken for a ‘judge.’  It is often said that ‘it must first be proven that the child is the father’s illegitimate child. Once the relationship is established, then child support can be demanded from the father’ with rights of inheritance. This assumes, of course, that there is anything left after the kangaroo court gets hold of the ‘father.’

Working against the wronged man is the Bradley Amendment, a federal law that prohibits a kangaroo court from retroactively modifying child support orders for any purpose.

Father, do not claim a child until or unless a paternity test is done. Oh, and learn to keep your pants zipped up. Do not adopt a child that is not yours unless you want to support that child forever. Do not accept a child as yours without a test, even during marriage. Keep in mind that you can never trust a woman where a child is concerned. Many men have been taken down by a system where a prostitute is considered in the ‘moral light’ of a virgin. Morals and ethics are merely studies by lawmakers. Don’t confuse them with religion or ‘God.’ Refuse to consent to slavery. You may have civil or human rights, but you won’t when you give them away.


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