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Unemployment: Child Support Time Bomb

America is facing a crisis as a record number of unemployed non-custodial parents face the reality of the system enforced by the Bradley Amendment.

Unemployment: Child Support Time Bomb on Associated Content


We have supplied basic tools and links on this website to help you contact lawmakers and more information regarding child support and the law, whatever that may be.

Endless Government Expenses & Family Rights

by E. Manning, senior writer, family rights advocate and retired economist

In the endless need for more money even though more money is continually allotted in yearly budgets, the City of Washington D.C. is moving money from its charter school program to support the ailing Child and Family Services Agency for overtime and other costs as the agency has struggled with a surge of new cases. There is distinct evidence that increased financial pressures and economic woes have an element of play in the fiscal crisis.

Washington D.C. has also seen an increase in juvenile crime and in efforts for rehabilitation. Child and Family Services has been hit by a wave of staff resignations and an increase in cases from 305 to 2000 at the peak this year, notably since Banita Jacks was found living among the corpses of her four daughters this last January. Since then, the department has seen on onslaught of panic cases, employee turnover and even the resignation of the director.

The yearly budget has already been consumed. The new infusion of money has robbed from a temporary surplus in the vain hope of alleviating a huge problem. The problem in this nation is legendary. For decades, government has supported single mothers in the vain hope of solving a national crisis or attitude, morals and behavior. Instead, the issue of a total lack of realistic direction regarding the real needs of the American family is largely ignored. Feminists have pushed the issue that they can do all things alone and that men are an unnecessary redundancy.

As a result, more and more of the nation is lost in a crisis of national identity. The family has been distorted and redefined by those that seek their own political interests, usually to garner money and influence. Meanwhile, the real support of the nation of the United States of America continues to be under assault. The reality is that government depends on complete families to fund families in crisis without admitting the reality of the national blight.

Family Rights have been dumbed down to new individual “rights” in an effort to justify individual destructive behaviors so that these behaviors can be mainstreamed. As a result, the Constitution has become considered a little more than an aberration. The national sickness has been perpetuated to the point that our nation has been weakened. Politicians and judges are asleep at the wheel, in the assumption that America always will be and they will always fulfill their need to be needed. This is a gross assumption. The nation cannot afford to destroy with policy in the pretense of help and assistance. America needs a renewal of spirit, a new movement that promotes real family, the family with a committed husband and wife that truly love and care for their children. We don’t live in a perfect world, but the family is not a pipe dream, but the foundation of civilization. To destroy that family will result in the destruction of the nation. The nation has foolishly forgotten that fundamental truth. ~ E. Manning

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