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Protect Disabled Fathers from Family Court Abuses!

Work to Protect Disabled Fathers from Family Court Abuses! Arizona HB 2348 is being voted on today, designed to protect disabled fathers and mothers from child support and alimony abuses. Concerned and supportive Americans all over the nation are encouraged to email and fax a letter to your local representative in support of the bill and legislation that support this cause. This is a national issue and supporters both inside and outside of Arizona are encouraged to participate.

Although federal law is clear, advocate judges are often ignoring federal law as they calculate veterans’ disability compensation into divorce settlements as a divisible asset. Very often these payments are the only assets a veteran has. When judges include disability compensation as income, this creates great hardship for those veterans, who rarely have the resources to hire legal help to contest the taking of their benefits. Anyone that is disabled and living on meager social security disability should be protected! HB 2348 will help end this practice in Arizona. We need to end this fiasco nationwide! A nation of veterans and disabled parents need your help and protection!

We have links to databases that hold the names and contact details for your current legislators. Use your freedom of speech and right to petition government representatives for the good of America!

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