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Lifetime TV Prepares to Run Down Parents in the Name of Bradley Law

About a year ago, Fox was entertaining running a program about “deadbeat dads”. Objections of the public swayed executives at Fox from airing the program. Now Jim Durham has found a taker to air his program with Lifetime TV.

What is the program about? “Good ‘ol boy” Jim Durham tracks down “deadbeat dads” and oppresses them like a childhood bully.  Reuters declares that “Deadbeat Dads” is ambush reality TV. Durham targets fathers that are behind on child support by making their lives miserable via home foreclosures, repossessions and the like. The show is about Jim Durham “squeezing” non-custodial parents that are behind on child support without apology. Allegedly, Durham has the authority to operate in this way. Hm-m. Surely, this will ultimately cause the social pendulum to swing the other direction at a time when the United States economy has placed millions of honest men out of work and at a disadvantage through Bradley Amendment oppression, perhaps forever financially ruined, even homeless.

“Deadbeat Dads” unfairly profiles divorced fathers as uncaring and selfish. Evidence and research clearly shows that most divorced dads pay child support and remain a part of their children’s lives, often under difficult and ingratiating circumstances. This show is demeaning and defamatory to fathers while building on many child support myths. To file a protest with Lifetime TV, click for details here.

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