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Aussie Fundraiser to Support Fathers

compiled by Moody Jim Rathbone

Courtney Hewett fundraiser child supportAustralian Courtney Hewett is holding a photo shoot for a cause and is asking for community support. After the sudden loss of a close friend, Courtney decided she wanted to create a fundraiser in his memory.

Courtney, along with Aleesha Watson of Creative Designs by Aleesha, makeup artist Catrina Loller and hairdressers Jordan Atkinson and Melita Newland, have coordinated a glamor boudoir photo shoot to raise much needed funds for the Australian Brotherhood of Fathers (ABF).

The ABF is a lobby group that seek social justice reforms in government and court to encourage fair child custody outcomes.

It believes fathers deserve equal opportunity for shared parenting with shared costs, providing a more fair child support payment system. “Twenty-one fathers commit suicide every week due to childhood visitation issues,” she said. That is in Australia alone.

The photo shoots will be held on Saturday, August 8 and Sunday, August 9, for a cost of $280. This price will cover the cost of hair, makeup, photography, 15 edited images, food platters, drinks and a a generous donation to the cause. “I just wanted to do something a little bit different,” she said.

So why is this article on this website. A little good news is needed… from somewhere.

The curse that has come to rest on fathers needs some good news, and this is about as good as it usually gets. This is a decent idea for a good cause. The good old USA needs some inspiration in this area, as well as some interest and guts. Australia child support is similar to other modern nations through United Nations treaty. Only the United States has the cursed Bradley Amendment, where the government cannot forgive or modify any debt retroactively.



Unemployment, Child Support & Bradley Law

illegal-court-enforcementThe evolving economic reality in the U.S. combined the increasing role of government has created a disaster for unemployed non-custodial parents.

Unemployment, Child Support & Bradley Law on Associated Content.

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