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The Darkness of Societal Parental Alienation in Childcare

In our modern culture, parental alienation has become a scourge that has been largely supported by the government and family courts. This sociopathy has been considered “just a part of life,” which has crept into the entire scope of society. When it comes to childcare, it really is up to women to allow men into what has previously been their domain, especially as more and more women choose the marketplace to fulfill their lives. A great place to start is to get rid of exclusionary practices that cater exclusively to moms or that alienate parents and family from children in any way.

If you are connected with such a class, consider getting the name changed to one that is more welcoming, like “Toddler Time” or “Toddler and Me” — names that include not only dads but grandparents and other caregivers as well. It’s small changes like this that, over the long run, will help alter attitudes and perceptions about our roles as men and women in our society.

A Fair Role for Fathers?

Boston Globe Editorial on Divorce and Parenting

“Charles Kindregan, a law professor at Suffolk University, soundly argues that a presumption of joint legal and physical custody could handcuff judges who should be free to consider the best interests of children on a case-by-case basis. ‘You don’t need a presumption when you have facts,’ Kindregan says. The relevant facts include children’s age, temperament, emotional development, and medical needs, as well as how parents get along and how far apart parents live from each other. A judge looking at an infant will have to make very different decisions than a judge looking at a teenage boy.”

“Dad can see the infant or young child an hour or two a week if mom allows it. Men don’t have the temperament for children. We might give good old dad a chance when his kid is a teenager. The kid will already be damaged from growing up without a father and the father-child relationship may be strained or non-existence from limited contact and negative talk from the mother. It’s okay for dad to spend time with the kid as long as they live within 1,000 miles of each and mom is not unhappy about the visits.”

The Globe editorial and the expert it quotes are out in left field. There is absolutely no reason why a father should be kept away from his baby or toddler under normal circumstances. This is the kind of discrimination that men deal with every day in America. If courts want to take rights away from fathers, then fathers have the right to be free. Naturally, you won’t see the courts go in that direction. Changes must be made. Why?

Fathers are not indentured slaves to an ex-wife in the name of children. Yet, the popularity of unconstitutional federal law among divorced mothers and feminists has brought this attitude of disdain towards men to its current reality. The Bradley Amendment and all unconstitutional Title V law must be repealed. This should be a Presidential election issue!

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